Make Money with Custom LifeProof Cases on Zazzle

Make Money with Custom LifeProof Cases on Zazzle

Zazzle Inc. is now the only place customers can get one-off custom LifeProof cases. As designers, we can add our designs to these cases and earn royalty income from sales. As associates, we can promote these designs and earn referral income. LifeProof cases have a higher search volume than OtterBox. Custom OtterBox cases sold well in 2016 on the Zazzle platform.  Zazzle Inc. predicts these custom LifeProof cases will be a big hit in 2017! This is an income earning opportunity, which you should take advantage of as soon as possible.

Make Money with Custom LifeProof Cases on Zazzle

In January 2017, Zazzle officially launched the LifeProof® case models, FRĒ® and the NÜÜD®, for iPhone 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, SE/5/5s and hopes to have the cases for the iPhone 7 available in early February. LifeProof® cases are the first WaterProof cases sold through Zazzle.

LifeProof® designs, manufactures and markets cases that protect cell phones from water, dirt, snow and even shock!

When you receive such great market intel from Zazzle, that LifeProof cases are more popular in internet search volume than OtterBox and that OtterBox cases sold well in 2016, you should definitely spend the time to add these to your store products.

If your OtterBox case designs have sold well on Zazzle in the past, then post your popular designs on the LifeProof cases.

Just starting to sell cell phone cases? Choose the LifeProof case for iPhone 6 to start creating your cell phone case inventory.

Post Custom LifeProof Cases in Your Store Today

Zazzle can not auto populate your old designs from your Case-Mate cases to the LifeProof case because the design area is so different. You have to create your designs manually. Use this link on Zazzle to obtain the design information and links to the blank products to get started.

Make Money on Zazzle by Selling Your Custom LifeProof Cases Today!

Cell Phone Cases Provide Evergreen Income

If you have not yet tried to sell cell phone cases it would be advisable to give it a try. There are many brands to choose from. LifeProof®, OtterBox, Case-Mate are just a few of the popular brand names.

Cell phone cases are a product category, which has month after month evergreen properties. What I mean by this is, even though the sales of cell phone cases peak at certain times of the year, they do sell constantly throughout the yearly cycle. This makes them a good product to have in your Zazzle store to create revenue throughout the year.

Design Niches for Custom LifeProof Cases

We have identified a product type we know will be popular. Now the fun starts! You can be creative and add cool designs onto the custom LifeProof cases you post in your Zazzle store.

The market for cell phone cases is diverse and thus you can design for all age groups. This opens up opportunities to design  for many different niches.

A few niches / markets with design ideas are listed below, but are by no means all the possibilities:

  1. Teen girls – pinks and purples, glam, personalization
  2. Teen guys – blues, blacks, sports, hobbies, interests, personalization
  3. Moms and Dads Grandparents – kids, grandkids, photos
  4. Motivational – fitness, sayings, life truths
  5. Adult Females – art – abstract, vintage, glitter, glam, personalization

Here are a few examples of the most popular iPhone 6 custom LifeProof cases available for sale on Zazzle as of the posting of this article. With such a large market with multiple niches, you will have no problem coming up with amazing original designs. Customers love original designs!

Niche Design Ideas for Custom LifeProof Cases

Niche Design Ideas for Custom LifeProof Cases


Summary of what you have learned:

  1. Custom LifeProof cases are solely available on Zazzle
  2. Zazzle predicts custom LifeProof cases will be a great seller in 2017
  3. As a designer, you need to manually create and post your custom LifeProof cases for sale
  4. If you want a year long evergreen product (one that sells throughout the year), then choose custom LifeProof cases
  5. Markets for custom LifeProof cases include teen girls and guys, parents, grandparents
  6. Niches for custom LifeProof cases include sports, family photos, personalization, motivational sayings, art


I wish you great success in selling your creativity and making money on Zazzle.




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