Zazzle Designer Experience with Zazzle Courses by Elke Clarke

Zazzle Designer Experience with Zazzle Courses by Elke Clarke

Are you a Zazzle designer? Did you start on Zazzle to make money online, selling your photography, graphic designs or artwork, but realized you need help to achieve your goal? Meet Tammy Goforth, a talented photographer and artist. She started a Zazzle store about a year ago, but she was not earning the income she wanted. Then Tammy discovered that I, Elke Clarke, a top Zazzle earner, have a free eBook, online courses and a Zazzle store critique to help a Zazzle designer, like yourself, achieve your earnings goal. Read this guest blog post, by Tammy, a Zazzle ProDesigner, who tells you her story and shares her experiences with using my courses.

Zazzle Designer Experience with Zazzle Courses by Elke Clarke

Zazzle Designer Experience with Zazzle Courses by Elke Clarke

Zazzle Designer Experience with Zazzle Courses by Elke Clarke Zazzle Diamond ProDesigner

My name is Tammy Goforth, a.k.a “TK Goforth Artworks” on Zazzle. I opened my first Zazzle store in February of 2016. I love taking photographs and am known for my Doors of the World collages. When I started, I had no clue what Zazzle was all about, except that I thought that I could put some of my professional photo artwork on a few products and they would instantly sell. Unfortunately, that was not the way it worked out. So I stepped away, thinking that it was going to be impossible to get even one sale on Zazzle.

TK Goforth Artworks

TK Goforth Artworks,  Zazzle Pro Designer

I discovered that Elke Clarke, a designer, artist and photographer, is a top earner on Zazzle

However, one day, in May, I did a search online about how to “make it” with Zazzle. I came across a website that had an interview with Elke Clarke, a Zazzle Designer. Elke explained how she had made a lot of money selling here photography, artwork and graphics on Zazzle.

I immediately downloaded her free eBook  “10 Insider Tips on How to Make Money Zazzle”. It is full of great insights on what to do when starting out on Zazzle.

Then I reached out to Elke via email. She explained to me that she was working on an online training course for beginners on how to get started on Zazzle. I jumped on the Beginners Zazzle course as soon as it was first available, back in December 2016.

Zazzle started to make sense to me after I took Elke’s Beginners Zazzle Course, “7 Days to Success with Elke Clarke”.

Her course was beyond what I imagined. I am not a person who stays focused for very long, but Elke encouraged me to follow her plan and I would be successful.

I started to make sales shortly after I “followed the plan” that the Beginners Zazzle Course lays out for you. It is so easy to follow.

Elke has done all the research for you to figure out what products to make and what niches are popular. She tells you right in the course what products sell on Zazzle. Plus her “step by step” videos on how to make products are so informative. I learned what to do and also want mistakes to avoid.

My zRank went from a score of 2 to a score of 7 all within the time frame of completing the Beginners Zazzle Course. I was thrilled and wanted to learn more.

Elke’s critique of my Zazzle store was a worthwhile and positive experience. I walked way from the session feeling encouraged and excited.

Then Elke started offering a Zazzle Store Critique. I was thrilled to get this one-on-one help from someone with so much experience as a Zazzle designer. Elke usually writes out the critique, but in my case, we talked live over FB video. She spent the time discussing and positively critiquing the way my store was set up, gave me ideas about what products to make, and how to brand my Zazzle business.

Elke gave me doable action steps to improve how my items would be found in Zazzle and Google searches. She had the insight to see what my future direction should be for my Zazzle store, including considering opening additional stores for specific niches.

Since incorporating Elke’s advice into my store, I’ve made more sales and my mind has been more focused.

Elke is a wonderful, supportive coach who “has the back” of her students.

Elke’s approach is so clear and concise. She is a fabulous communicator.

She is accessible and encouraging.

Everyone should take advantage of Elke’s Zazzle store critique!

When I found out that Elke’s new, Advanced Zazzle Course came out, I was one of the first to sign up.

Since I have begun the Advanced Zazzle Course “The 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke”, my store has taken off in an even more positive direction.

Elke provides her students with instruction on how to do in an depth analysis of how our Zazzle stores are doing. As well, she gives you direction on which products to sell, when to promote them, what sells the most, how to find your own personal avatar and what to do to market your Zazzle products and brand.

There is so much more to this Advanced Zazzle Course. It is truly a “30 Day Plan” that first gets you started on the right track and then helps you build your Zazzle business by using the “30 Day Plan” every month after the course is over. Elke gives you the tools she uses, so you can do what she did to build her successful Zazzle business.

The Advanced Zazzle Course is the best training of any sort that I have ever had.

The Advanced Zazzle Course  has expanded my horizons, as well as my confidence in becoming a true Zazzle Designer success story.

I am encouraged by my increase in product sales and am seeing success with the changes I have made using Elke’s Zazzle Courses.

In Elke’s weekly Facebook live Q & A sessions, I, as well as my fellow students of this Advanced Course July VIP Masterclass, have learned so much from Elke and her daughter, Jennifer, also a Zazzle Designer at the Gold ProDesigner level.

It is clear why Elke and Jen have become the Zazzle Designer Pros that they are and how we can also be successful on Zazzle.

Elke’s coaching and courses is the best training of any sort that I have ever had. It is all well organized, valuable information and absolutely “do-able.

Thank you, Elke, for all of your hard work in putting these programs together and for making it worth every cent!

T.K. Goforth
Zazzle Pro Designer


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Elke Clarke offers her expertise and knowledge to help you learn how to be successful on Zazzle by assessing your store and providing 3 main action steps to help increase your chances for success.

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Have you created matching wedding products? What products do you find most exciting to create? Which products sell best for you?

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  • Caroline Jones

    July 26, 2017

    What a great story Tammy and your artwork is wonderful too. It’s nice to read feedback on both courses and I wish you continued good sales in your store.

  • T.K. Goforth

    July 26, 2017

    Thank you, Caroline! I wish you all the success you want from yours as well!

  • Danielle Fernandez

    August 18, 2017

    I’d love to know the breakdown of referrals vs royalties made by Elke and I’d love to see a master class students actual numbers before and after the class! Thanks for posting all of this – I enjoy reading and loved the first class!

  • admin


    August 18, 2017

    Hi Danielle. Thank you for your positive feedback of the Beginners Zazzle course. It would be great if in a month everyone in the masterclass would have an amazing increase in their royalties. But as you know that is unrealistic. You may have experienced an increase in your sales after taking the Beginners course, because I told you exactly what products to post on and what niches to focus on. I did the research for you and you saw the results. In the Advanced Masterclass, that is taken to the next level because you will be planning for the future growth of your business, not just obtaining a few sales. So the objective is much greater. Because of that it won’t happen in 1 month. I am hoping that in 6 months from now people who took the July 2017 VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle course (after they put into place all my action steps and used the worksheets to continually improve their store, inventory and promotion) will start to see a significant improvement, if they chose the correct niches and posted good designs etc. It takes time to see results on Zazzle, but with my course you are spending less time making mistakes so you can see results faster.

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