Update Your Social Media Branding For 2018

Update Your Social Media Branding for 2018 by Jen Clarke, Top Zazzle Earner, Zazzle Gold ProDesigner

It is time to update your social media branding for 2018. In a time where social media is rapidly changing, you need to be consistent and up to date with all of your accounts. You want to maximize your Zazzle sales and promotion. To do this, you need to make sure all your social media platforms properly reflect and promote your Zazzle brand. Your Zazzle store and products will look more professional and you will increase your chances of converting your followers into customers. In this article I will tell you what you will need to do to keep all your accounts uniform and consistent.

Update Your Social Media Branding for 2018 by Jen Clarke, Top Zazzle Earner, Zazzle Gold ProDesigner

Update Your Social Media Branding for 2018 by Jen Clarke, Top Zazzle Earner, Zazzle Gold ProDesigner

Update Your Social Media Branding For 2018

With all the changes happening in social media lately, it can be easy to forget to update certain things. There are many things that need constant tending to. Profile pictures, banner art, descriptions, titles, tags and much more. It can get quite complicated! If you forget to update your accounts regularly, your followers might be unclear on what your Zazzle brand is. To be professional and entice your customers to buy, you need to make sure your brand is well defined. Don’t get overwhelmed! It is super easy.

Use this article as a guide to updating your social media accounts. Download the FREE checklist to follow along.

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Creating Your Zazzle Brand Logo

Do you have a logo that you use for your Zazzle store? If you do not, it is very easy to make one quickly. Or you might have changed your mind a couple times on what you would like. There is a quick solution if you are in this situation. A clean and modern font based logo is perfect for your branding. Your customers will recognize your store name and associate it with your brand and Zazzle store. You can see my store logo on Zazzle and on Pinterest in the pictures below. Use this logo on all your social media platforms when prompted to add a profile picture or logo.

Create a Zazzle Store Logo to Update Your Social Media Branding

Create a Zazzle Store Logo to Update Your Social Media Branding

Add Your Store Logo to Your Social Media Platforms for Your Social Media Branding

Add Your Store Logo to Your Social Media Platforms

Be Consistent With Your Account Names

Most people make the mistake of using their personal social media accounts to promote their Zazzle products. You can do this. However you will be more professional if you use accounts associated with your Zazzle store. If you have not already done so, make new accounts using your Zazzle store name. If you cannot get the exact same name, use similar or shortened versions. For example, my Zazzle store is called the Antique Chandelier and my Pinterest handle is TheChandelier. This will make it easier for your clients to look you up on social media.

Banner Art

Like on Zazzle, many platforms allow you to choose a banner to spruce up your page. When you update your banner on Zazzle, you need to be consistent with your other accounts. Update your Zazzle banner every time there is a new occasion or time of year. For example, during the holiday season. Use your banner art as a means of promoting your products and brand. It is a huge piece of realty that you can use to your advantage.

Adjust Your Content

Every month social media platforms offer new and updated ways to promote your brand and Zazzle products. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest are always changing. This year, video has become the main focus on how to promote yourself. ‘Stories’ have become extremely popular to show your followers what you are doing at that exact moment. By adjusting your content to relative trends within social media, you will attract more followers and customers. Keep up to date with what is popular and how your followers will interact with you more. By engaging your viewers, you build up your brand.

Descriptions and Tags

Looking up something on the internet has changed drastically over the past couple of years. People now look to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter more for their information. As well, Google now highly ranks social media platforms within their search engine. Your content will be more likely found online if you add the proper keywords. So you want to make sure your titles, tags and descriptions of your posts are relevant. Always remember to add your Zazzle store name within your content.

Create Relationships with Your Customers

The internet has now made it possible to connect and create relationships with virtually anyone. People are talking more on social media than ever. By using this to your advantage, you can engage and communicate with your customers easily. Be personable with your audience. Let them know more about who you are as a designer and your Zazzle brand. Customers will feel a connection with your creations if you show them whats behind the making of your Zazzle products. Give them a sneak peak of you as an artist or online entrepreneur. Post pictures of your work space or artist studio. Take a video of you drawing, painting or doing a graphic design project. Customers will appreciate your hard work that you have put into your Zazzle products when they are looking to purchase.

Following the 2018 Trends

Each year trends come and go and you have to keep up to date on what is popular for social media branding and your Zazzle products. We have written a great article on the trends for 2018 and you can use this to freshen up your product line. It is a great article on how to make the best selling Zazzle products this year. When dealing with social media and selling online you want your products to be up to date and trending.

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What have you learned in this article?

    • Create a recognizable Zazzle store logo and banner art
    • Add your logo and banner to all your social media accounts and be consistent
    • Create new social media accounts for your Zazzle store and use the same name
    • Adjust the content you post to reflect the trends this year
    • Make videos and stories for your accounts
    • Update your titles, descriptions and tags related to your content for optimal searchability
    • Engage and create relationships with your viewers by posting relative content




Is your brand consistent across all your platforms?

Have you updated your content for the trends of 2018?

Have you engaged with your viewers?

I would love to hear from you.

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