Create Matching Wedding Products to Make Money on Zazzle

Create Matching Wedding Products to Make Money on Zazzle article by Jennifer Clarke Zazzle Gold ProDesigner

Now is the time to start designing wedding products if you want to make money online. September is a peak wedding month and brides-to-be are already organizing their big day. To take advantage of this, you need to design matching wedding products that can be bought to enhance the wedding and wedding party. Make sure your products are available now to be picked up for fall promotions on Zazzle. Keep reading to get my

Create Matching Wedding Products to Make Money on Zazzle

Create Matching Wedding Products to Make Money on Zazzle article by Jennifer Clarke Zazzle Gold ProDesigner

Create Matching Wedding Products to Make Money on Zazzle article by Jennifer Clarke Zazzle Gold ProDesigner

Weddings can be one of the most lucrative niches on Zazzle. Future brides want their big day to be the most memorable day of their lives. They will purchase almost anything that they think will make their day perfect. This is where you need to come in and create matching products. Invitations are a great place to start, but you need to corner in on the ‘matching product’ market. Customers love looking at suites and collections. They want their entire wedding to match. Zazzle now offers amazing new products that are perfect enhancers for a wedding or wedding party. This is why you need to start making these products now.

Welcome the Guests

Welcoming guests in a fun and creative way can make a great start to a wedding day. Zazzle has recently introduced guestbooks and banners to the marketplace. By creating these products, a bride can make a beautiful display at the entrance to her venue. Guests will be encouraged to take photos, share their memories on social media and sign the guestbook. These products have become extremely popular on Zazzle and sell quite easily. You can create guestbooks and banners for the entrance to the church, and also create separate ones for the reception or party. Below you can see an example of a banner (which Zazzle offers in many large sizes, and indoor and outdoor materials). There is also an example of a guestbook, where guests can write comments and  congratulate the couple.

Bohemian Watercolor Lemon Wedding Banner
Bohemian Watercolor Lemon Wedding Guest Book

Personalize the Party

Wedding parties need to have amazing party supplies. And what better way to throw an awesome party than to have matching drink ware, napkins and goodie bags? Brides love to organize the drink or food tables with cute displays. Design a beautiful mason jar cup for that perfect glass of punch. Create the matching napkin to pair up with the finger food trays. Make the goodie bag to accompany the self serve candy bar. Make all of these products and more to personalize the party! Check out the different sizes and versions for each product. Zazzle offers many different versions that you can customize.


Watercolor Lemon Mason Jar
Bohemian Watercolor Lemon Wedding Napkin
Bohemian Watercolor Lemon Wedding Favour Bag

 Give a Gift that Will Last a Lifetime

For when the big day is over, brides will always want to give their special guests a memory from their wedding. Sometimes gifts are just given to the wedding party, such as the bridesmaids or groomsmen. Other times each wedding guest receives a little token to remember the day by. Tote bags are a great gift to give, especially to the bridesmaids. Zazzle has recently introduced these ‘print all over’ tote bags. These personalized totes can be given as a gift basket with items chosen specifically for the receiver. Flasks are a great gift for the groomsmen. They will appreciate the customized and sophisticated gift. Check out the different options available for flasks as well. They come in larger sizes and other materials. Make these matching products now.


Bridesmaid Watercolor Lemon Wedding Tote Bag
Bohemian Watercolor Lemon Wedding Flask


What You Have Learned:

  1. Making matching wedding products can be a lucrative opportunity to make money online with Zazzle
  2. The time to make matching wedding products is now in July
  3. You can make matching items that are not the traditional wedding stationery suite products
  4. Make products to welcome guests
  5. Brides love personalizing items for their party
  6. Designs gifts that can be given as a token to remember the wedding

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Have you created matching wedding products? What products do you find most exciting to create? Which products sell best for you?

I would love to hear from you.

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  • Abbie Rose

    July 31, 2017

    Great story!

    Does anyone have any experience with Zazzle referral program? I know in the past that it seemed to be broken and never credited sales. I’m wondering if it has been fixed.

  • admin


    August 1, 2017

    Hi Abbie
    The Zazzle referral program is always working properly. Sometimes there are situations when a referral is not credited to the referrer but that is beyond anyone’s control. Check out my article using this link to read about why sometimes the referral does not result in referral payment. Hope that helps. Elke Clarke

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