Advanced Zazzle Course on How To Earn Online Passive Income

Advanced Zazzle Course on How To Earn Online Passive Income Article by Elke Clarke Top Zazzle Earner

My Advanced Zazzle Course on how to make money on Zazzle is now available for exclusive VIP Masterclass sessions. If you love my Beginners Zazzle Course, like so many people do, you will be blown away by what the Advanced Zazzle Course gives you! It is like an MBA for Zazzle! The 2 courses work together, the beginners course gets you started on the right track and the Advanced Zazzle Course tells you exactly what I do to earn substantial passive income on Zazzle.

Advanced Zazzle Course on How To Earn Online Passive Income

Advanced Zazzle Course on How To Earn Online Passive Income Article by Elke Clarke Top Zazzle Earner

Advanced Zazzle Course on How To Earn Online Passive Income Article by Elke Clarke Top Zazzle Earner

UPDATED: August 16, 2017

I have made almost 1 million US dollars on Zazzle!

But I had to make a lot of mistakes to get results. It also took me much longer to figure out how to be successful on Zazzle. Why? Because I did not have a coach to tell me how to make money on Zazzle.

Today, I can help you because I am the expert on how to make money on Zazzle. I use my secret selling success formula to make over $100,000 US every year on Zazzle, even with the Volume Bonus changes that happened 4 years ago.

In fact, that is when I had to figure out how to make money on Zazzle even if things changed. And I did!

With my new “The 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke – The Advanced Zazzle Course” I tell you exactly what I do to make money on Zazzle consistently, year after year..

Click Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course called 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke ClarkeClick Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course called 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke

You only have until August 31st to enroll for the September VIP Masterclass

My unique interactive VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course starts for its second session on September 5, 2017.

Do you want to be one of the few select people to learn my advanced secret formula to success? You have to act fast.

You get access to all the video lessons in Module 1 (week 1) to watch and work through at your own pace for the week.

Then each following week in September, a new module for the course will be released on the Wednesday. That is so our entire group of amazing students can work together at the same pace to get the most out of this unique interactive and powerful masterclass.

By the end of September, you will have full access to the whole course, so you can go back to review on your own.

You also receive access to Elke Clarke during this VIP Masterclass Event

I will personally guide you through the course and answer your questions from the course material.

You will be part of my private VIP Advanced Course Facebook Group. You can ask me questions and interact with other course members about the course content each week. It is a positive environment where you are supported and encouraged to reach your Zazzle goals.

ADDED BONUS – 4 Facebook Live Video Q & A Sessions with Elke Clarke

I can’t wait to answer your questions as we go through the course together.

As an added bonus I will do 4 weekly Facebook Live Video Q & A sessions in our private VIP Advanced Course Facebook Group.

Each Q & A session will focus on answering questions from the previous weeks lessons.

The awesome part is that these videos will be there for you to watch even if you missed them live.

Do You Want to be Successful on Zazzle?

Have you been struggling for years on Zazzle without making the income you want?

Did you earn good money on Zazzle before the Volume Bonus changes, but then never made the same money again?

Are you overwhelmed and don’t know what to focus on to increase your Zazzle earnings?

Do you want to earn even more money on Zazzle?

Let me help you.

I show you exactly what to do step-by-step using my formula for success!

  1. I teach you what product types to post for sale for maximum profit.
  2. I tell you when and what designs to post to get the most sales.
  3. I teach you how to find more ideas to make popular selling products.
  4. I tell you what promotion works for me and how to make it work for you.
  5. I tell you what niches are popular.
  6. I tell you how your products can be seen on Zazzle searches so that you make more sales.
  7. I give you all the tools I use to run my Zazzle business successfully
  8. I teach you how to create good designs so your products will sell.
  9. I tell you what promotion options you should not use.
  10. I show you what products do not sell. That saves you time and heartache.

Do you want to use my advanced formula for success on Zazzle?


Click on the image to enroll now in the 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke Advanced Zazzle Course

Click on the image to enroll now! in the “30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke – The Advanced Zazzle Course” Learn the Secrets of a Top Zazzle Earner


If you want to enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course but can’t afford to pay full price, there is a payment plan option of for you. Pay 6 payments of only $197 US.

As a BONUS, you will be enrolled in the September VIP Masterclass. No waiting!

How much does it cost for Elke Clarke’s VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course?

My Zazzle success formula has made me almost a million dollars. You are probably thinking that getting access to my actual plan, which I use, is so valuable it must cost at least several thousand dollars.

But let me tell you a little bit more before I tell you the cost.

People who have completed my beginners course are seeing sales results right away, so the advanced course will be just as impressive!

I love all the positive praise I have received about my teaching style and amazing content of my beginners course.

My no nonsense, honest teaching style gives you the real deal.

I am open and honest about what I earn to show you it is possible to earn money on Zazzle.

In my VIP Master Class Advanced Zazzle Course, I am just as open and honest about what I have done in the past on Zazzle, both what works and what does not work.

You will gain so much valuable information from my 10 years of experiences on Zazzle.

This is the first time that my advanced selling success formula is available to the general public.

For years, I have been privately helping people become successful on Zazzle.

One of these Zazzle success stories is my very own daughter, Jennifer. You can read more about her in this article. She makes enough money on Zazzle to travel and live on one of the most beautiful islands in Spain.

Then recently, I released my popular Beginners Zazzle Course “7 Days to Success with Elke Clarke”. Many beginners course members have told me that my course helped them increase their sales within one month!!.

And now, you can be the first to be part of my unique VIP Masterclass experience.

Zazzle is perfect for people of all ages who want to make money online.

Jennifer, my daughter is in her 20’s. She uses her Zazzle income to do what she loves full-time, being creative and traveling.

I was in my 40’s when I started on Zazzle. Back then I used my Zazzle income to stay at home and be with my young children. Later I used my Zazzle earnings to pay off my house and put my kids through college.

Now that I am in my 50’s, I am using my Zazzle income to travel the world and have time freedom for myself.

In fact, you just need to be at least 13 years old to open a Zazzle store. Your kids can make money on the side to buy their first car or pay their college tuition.

What would you do with your Zazzle income?

I promised to tell you the price to receive my formula for success, but I have to tell you a story first. I was already helping many people just with coaching one on one. But it was taking away from my own time freedom.

There is great demand for me to share my advanced selling success formula

My mentors suggested I make up an advanced Zazzle course, so that people who want to be successful Zazzle designers can benefit from my advanced selling success formula.

So that is what I did.

It took me 6 months! I am so grateful to those of you who have been patiently waiting. But once you take the course, you will agree with me that my Advanced Zazzle Course is worth waiting for!

I realized too that I have a habit of giving huge value in my courses. I ended up putting way too much good stuff into my Beginners Zazzle Course, as those of you who took the course know! Even Zazzle non-beginners learned so much and improved their Zazzle sales.

Now that my “30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke – Advanced Zazzle Course” is ready, I realized that it is an Advanced Zazzle Course on steroids!!

My VIP Zazzle Masterclass is definitely of great value!

It is a Zazzle MBA – That is How Valuable The Advanced Zazzle Course is!

The Advanced Zazzle Course is an advanced business course on how to make money on Zazzle.

Plus, there are countless insider tips you will discover and have many “ah ha” moments.

My business coaches told me I should charge at least $2,497 US! “The advanced course is packed with incredible value. It is a bargain at $2,497!” they said to me. And they are right.

The Advanced Zazzle Course will save you years of time and provide you with a clear plan to start making the money you want on Zazzle. That is why the course should cost $2,497 US.

But it’s my 10 year Zazzle Anniversary! To celebrate, I want to give people a discount on my course!

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary, I wanted to do something absolutely crazy, at least for as long as I can this year. I did this for my beginners course. Now I am going to do this with my advanced course!

I set the special 10 year anniversary price for the Advanced Zazzle Course at a ridiculously low amount of $997 US!

This is my special anniversary price just for you. I know it is too low a price for the amount of value you receive, but I want to make my advanced success formula available to as many of you as possible.

However, I don’t know how long I can keep this price so low. My business coaches are telling me the course price should really be $2,497!

But if you purchase now, you will receive my special 10 year anniversary price of $997 US.

Click Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course called 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke Click the image above to enroll now in the Advanced Zazzle Course “30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke”


If you can’t do the course right away in September 2017, don’t worry.

You can lock in the price by buying now and I can make arrangements to allow you to be part of a future VIP Masterclass.

After you have paid and locked in the special $997 discount price, just email me ( and I will put you on the list for the next VIP Masterclass session that works for you.


Life has a habit of getting in the way of our best laid plans.

You might start out strong in the Masterclass and then something comes up. You feel pressured to get the most out of the course and now you can’t be part of all the live Q & A’s and participate in the Private Facebook Group. Now you are feeling pretty stressed.

Don’t worry. There is NO BEHIND in my 30 Day Profit Plan Advanced Zazzle Course. That is why if you fall behind in one VIP Masterclass, you can take part in the next one!

You can participate in all future Q & A’s and be a permanent member in the Facebook Group!!!

I have gone to extra lengths to make sure you can take advantage of all of my mentoring and teaching because I want to help you succeed in your Zazzle business. 

After you purchase and have gone through one VIP Masterclass session, you have continuous lifetime online access to the course, for a long as I can keep updating it and it is relevant to helping you be successful on Zazzle.


I am so excited about my special anniversary price, that I almost forget to tell you about my other special bonuses.


You read correctly.

Buy my Advanced Zazzle Course for $997 US and you get free access to my Beginners Zazzle Course.

That is a value of $147 US !!!

Even experienced Zazzle designers learned many valuable tips when they took my Beginners Zazzle Course.


For those of you who bought my Beginners Zazzle Course before today, whether you bought it at $75 US or at $147 US, you will receive $147 US OFF of the Advanced Zazzle Course!!!!

Check your email for your Customer Loyalty Advanced Course Discount Code.

That is a total savings of almost $220 US, for those of you who bought my beginners course at a 50% discount (when you paid only $75 US in December of 2016).

It pays to buy when I first release my courses. Prices may never be so low again.

Plus keep reading, there is another bonus at the end!

Click Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course called 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke

Click Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course called 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke

Click here to ENROLL NOW! 

Value Packed with Bonuses and Goodies – Advanced Zazzle Course


  • Access to Elke Clarke in the intimate 4 week online VIP Masterclass
  • 17 Video Lessons that take you through 4 weeks of intense training
  • Membership in the Private VIP Advanced Zazzle Course FaceBook Group
  • 4 Facebook Live Q & A Sessions with Elke Clarke
  • Elke Clarke’s tracking tools and worksheets she uses in her business
  • Goodies Sheets with recommended resources by Elke Clarke


For each week,

  • One Module (with the lessons) is released
  • you will check with your “30 DAY COURSE PLANNER” to see what videos to watch
  • watch each VIDEO LESSONS in order
  • follow along and complete the tasks outlined in the WORKSHEETS
  • use the GOODIE SHEETS to get access to LINKS AND RESOURCES
  • keep track of your progress with the STEPS TO SUCCESS SHEETS for each lesson
  • on each week, the day the next module is released, I answer your questions about the previous week’s lessons in a FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO Q & A session


2 more HUGE bonuses for signing up!!!


I just improved 2 of the previous bonuses that were part of the July VIP Masterclass. Check out the details below!

BONUS#1 – Exclusive YEARLY Private Facebook Membership (a Value of $997 US per Year) 

You will be part of an ever-growing Exclusive Advanced Zazzle Course Members Only Private Facebook Group at no extra charge, even after the VIP Masterclass is over. 

This is a serious and interactive group of ambitious entrepreneurs, artists and graphic designers committed to learning how to improve their Zazzle store(s) to become successful and make money online.


Think of the value of being able to connect with people who have the same goals and ambitions that you do in a positive supportive private environment with a Diamond Zazzle ProDesigner as your teacher and mentor. 


BONUS #2 – YEARLY Live Q & A’s Time with Elke Clarke (a Value of $697 US per year)

Participate in 4 x ONE HOUR LIVE  Q & A Sessions during your month long VIP Masterclass.


PLUS…you can participate in future Private Facebook Live Q & A sessions even after your Masterclass is over.

That means you could be part of up to 24 Q &A’s per year!


PLUS…you have access to all past and future Private Facebook Live Q & A Recordings

Imagine all the insights you will gain from Elke  (and her daughter Jennifer – a Gold ProDesigner)! 


  • Elke’s special 10 year anniversary price of $997 US (regular price is $2,497 US for Advanced Course)
  • membership in the exclusive private VIP Masterclass FB Group (a $997 US / year value) 
  • 4 x One Hour Facebook Live Q & A Sessions during course and access to past and future Q & A sessions. That can be as many as 24 Q & A Sessions a year! (a $697 US / year value) 
  • the free Beginners Zazzle Course (a $147 US value)

…. you receive $4,338.00 US worth of online video courses, personal teaching, mentoring, live access to a top Zazzle earner for Q & A’s and exclusive course members only private FB Group access year after year!

for the one low price of only $997 US!!


Enroll now to receive the special bonuses and my 10th anniversary discount price and bonuses. 


This price and bonuses may not be offered again.

Click Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course called 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke

Click Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course – “The 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke”

Click here to ENROLL NOW! 

My Appreciation

Thank you for allowing me to help you to achieve your Zazzle goals.

It is an honor and humbling to know, that my experiences and knowledge can help people like you make money on Zazzle.

I am excited to have you as a member of my VIP Masterclass.



What you have learned

  1. It is possible to earn a substantial passive income online on Zazzle. Elke Clarke, is proof of that.
  2. Elke Clarke has coached many people privately.
  3. The secret formula for success on Zazzle, which Elke Clarke uses, has earned her over $850,000 US in lifetime earnings
  4. Recently, Elke Clarke has decided to make her formula for success on Zazzle public so that anyone can benefit if you enroll now
  5. The 10 year anniversary low price is only for a limited time.



  • Nelle Hoxie

    June 21, 2017

    Elke I am so excited to be a part of this. Your Beginner’s course was such a great help to me. I thought I would share some of my stats with you.

    I had been dabbling in Zazzle for two years and couldn’t quite figure out an effective strategy. As a result in 2015 I had 6 sales and in 2016 I had 28 sales. Well Jan. 2017 things picked up with 6 sales. Then I took your course and I started to see some large increases February (20 sales), March (22 sales), April (51 sales), May (65 sales).

    I look forward to learning more of your method and collaborating with the others in the course.

  • admin


    June 21, 2017

    Hi Nelle.
    Thank you for sharing your fantastic Zazzle sales stats. You must be so happy to see such improvement in your Zazzle sales.

    I am so excited for you that you are seeing such a huge increase in sales after taking my Beginners Zazzle Course!!

    Tripling your sales from before the course to the first month after there course!!!

    Then MORE THAN TRIPLING your sales again 4 months!!

    I feel like a proud mother. This is why I am doing this. I love helping people reach their goals.

    OMG! I am so excited about your amazing increase in Zazzle sales, that I didn’t even clue in to the fact that you also signed up for my VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course starting July 5, 2017.

    Thank you so much!

    Welcome to my 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke – Advanced Zazzle Course !

    I am so glad you are now a VIP Masterclass member.

    I can not wait to get started helping you and all the other amazing people who have signed up.


  • Nelle Hoxie

    June 21, 2017

    You’re welcome Elke. I feel like you have taught me to talk “Zazzle.” With your first course (Beginners Zazzle Course), I felt like I was being allowed to watch over the shoulder of a Diamond Level seller while you decided which products to make.

    I really can’t wait for the course to start!

  • admin


    June 21, 2017

    I am so glad.

    What I probably did not explain enough was that the products I show you how to make in the beginners course were chosen carefully by me.

    I did a great deal of research on what Zazzle product types sell well and what niches on Zazzle are popular, but not yet saturated. So the types of products you made in the course, the niches and the design styles I teach you in the course are based on my insider knowledge of where there are opportunities for growth and what products consistently sell.

    Even though it is labelled as a Beginners Course, it is much more.

    I can not wait to “let you look over my shoulder” in the Advanced Zazzle Course.

    Have a great summer solstice day!


  • Raphaela

    June 21, 2017

    Hi Elke! Just enrolled and am super excited to take my Zazzle store to the next level with your guidance…


  • admin


    June 21, 2017

    Raphi, I am super excited that you are now a member of my VIP Masterclass in July. Welcome!!

    I know you are going to be amazing!

  • Ann Monahan

    June 22, 2017

    Hi Elke:
    I just signed up for your course. Thank you for all your help along the way, and I am really looking forward to getting started!!
    Best Regards

  • admin


    June 22, 2017

    Hi Ann
    Thank you and Welcome! I am so glad to have you as a member of the VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course. I can not wait to get started.


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