5 Ways to Promote Your Business on the Zazzle Blog

5 Ways to Promote Your Business on the Zazzle Blog Article by Elke Clarke Tope Zazzle Earner

Have you ever considered that the Zazzle blog can promote your business? It has a wide variety of awesome post categories, like featured designers, trending products and styles, DIY projects, contests you can enter and designer tips and news. If you, the designer, or your Zazzle store or products are showcased or included in a Zazzle blog post, that is free promotion and will help build your Zazzle business. In this article I show you how you can take advantage of the opportunities the Zazzle blog has to offer to promote your products and business.

5 Ways to Promote Your Business on the Zazzle Blog

5 Ways to Promote Your Business on the Zazzle Blog Article by Elke Clarke Tope Zazzle Earner

5 Ways to Promote Your Business on the Zazzle Blog Article by Elke Clarke Tope Zazzle Earner

I am sure you have enjoyed reading the Zazzle blog with all its informative posts. You may have even seen one of your products showcased in one of the articles on trending themes or products. I get so excited when I see one of my Zazzle products on the blog! What I forget to realize is that in the article there is a link to my product on Zazzle. That is free promotion for me! What a nice gift from Zazzle! Thank you, Zazzle! That made me think that there are actually 5 ways that you can take advantage of what the Zazzle blog has to offer in order to promote your business. Keep reading to see what these are.

1. Write a Guest Blog Post

Wedding Wednesday Guest Post: Top 6 Wedding Theme Trends for 2015

If you have an interesting topic that you want to write about, you can approach the blog writers and find out if  Zazzle might like to publish your article on their blog. I did this back in 2015, when I wrote a guest blog post about wedding invitation trends. See the image above and click on the image to read the full article.

It was a great experience and an honor to be able to write a guest blog post for Zazzle.


2. Be A Featured Designer

Featured Designer & Associate: Colleen Michele

Above is the link to the latest “Featured Designer” Zazzle blog post.

Any Zazzle associate or designer can submit an application to become a “featured designer”. Click on the image below to see the full article and complete instructions.

The is a great way to promote your business on Zazzle and on the internet.

Now Accepting Designer Feature Applications!

The instructions below are taken from the Zazzle blog post announcing that you can apply to be a featured designer (see image and link above)…

Submitting an application is easy. Simply:

  1. Make sure that you have 100% store completion.
  2. Fill out the brief interview. Sit down in a cozy spot with a warm mug and tell us about yourself!
  3. Send an email to designer.feature@zazzle.com with the following:
    1. Subject line: Designer Moment Application – StoreName
    2. A high-res headshot of your beautiful self
    3. A high-res file of your store logo
    4. 3 high-res photos of your choice (i.e. your workspace, your products in “real life,” in-progress designs, etc.)

Once you have been featured on the Zazzle blog you also will be showcased on this searchable page  on the main Zazzle website. See the image below for what it looks like, but use the link to get a better idea of what the page is.

This is a fabulous way to be promoted as a designer with links to your store.

Being on the Featured Designers Page On Zazzle is a great way to promote your business

Being on the Featured Designers page on Zazzle is a great way to promote your business


3. This Month in #ZazzleMade

This Month in #ZazzleMade: May

The text below is taken from the Zazzle blog post shown in the image above. Click on the image above to see the full article.

If you are new to Zazzle, or the blog, we ask customers and designers to share their custom Zazzle products and designs with us through our Instagram social media account. If you want the chance to see your product(s) and/or design(s) featured, share a photo on Instagram and tag it with #ZazzleMade. Check back here at the end of each month to see if you are featured.

You can use this Zazzle Made monthly review feature on the blog to promote you business and products. Simply post a product photo on Instagram, tag it with #ZazzleMade and your post may be featured in Zazzle’s monthly blog post.

You can create your Instagram post with one of the products you purchased from Zazzle or use a graphics program to create a pleasing in situ product mock-up.

4. Featured Products

Spring & Summer Design Trends

Every so often Zazzle will post articles about “seasonal trending designs” (see image above and click on it to see complete article) or the “top product designs”  (see image below and click on it to see complete article).

Top Hat Designs

These posts will feature random Zazzle products that suit the purpose of the blog post theme. Even though you have no control over whether your products are chosen or not, it is a nice bonus when it happens. It is also a great way to promote your business because there is a link for the reader to click on in the article which takes them to the product page. The customer may then purchase your product are check out your store. Either way your business on Zazzle receives extra promotion, which is awesome!

5. Enter Design Contests

Enter Zazzle’s Triptych Design Contest!

Every so often Zazzle announces a design contest on the blog. The winners are showcased on the blog. If you are a winner, that is another way to promote your business on the Zazzle blog.

The current contest asks designers to submit triptych designs.

You can check out all the details by clicking on the text link or the image above.

If you are an artist or photographer this contest is a perfect way for you to be noticed by Zazzle.

Submit your designs!

Good luck!!

What did you learn in this article?

  1. Write a guest blog post on the Zazzle blog to promote your business
  2. Become a Featured Designer on the Zazzle blog and be showcased on the Zazzle “designer” website page
  3. Use the #ZazzleMade hashtag in your Instagram posts that feature your Zazzle products. Zazzle may feature your Instagram post in their monthly blog post about “Zazzle Made” products
  4. Your products can be chosen at random to be part of product related Zazzle blog posts. This is great advertisement for you and your business
  5. Enter Zazzle design contests in order to gain exposure to the Zazzle merchandising team, in addition to having a chance to be showcased as a winner of the contest on the Zazzle blog.


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Do you want to be featured on the Zazzle blog? Has one of your products been showcased on the Zazzle blog? Are you going to enter this latest Zazzle design contest? Did you realize that the blog was a place where you could promote you Zazzle business?

I would love to hear from you.

Write your comments below.



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