5 Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays on Zazzle

5 Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays on Zazzle Article

Zazzle Designers! As you get ready for the holidays, what else can you do to showcase your products in your Zazzle store? Here are 5 tips to improve the look of your store and increase visibility of your products. This will help customers identify with your brand and provide opportunities for product sales.

5 Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays on Zazzle

5 Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays on Zazzle Article

5 Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays on Zazzle

By November, you should already have your holiday products posted in your store and be eagerly awaiting for the sales to skyrocket, especially as we come into US Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you can do you so much more to get ready for the holidays on Zazzle, than just product creation. This article provides you with 5 tips you can implement to help your customers fall in love with your brand and then find and buy your products.

Tip#1: Update Your Zazzle Store Banner

The banner is the first thing your customer sees when they come to your store. It should look professional and convey to the customer what your store is about. It is also valuable visual real estate for marketing your brand, store and products.

I update my Zazzle store banner frequently throughout the year. I use it to promote my latest new designs for the upcoming shopping season, like the wedding season, graduations, and at this time of year, the Christmas holidays.

Once you have a template in Photoshop or any other graphic design program, you can easily switch out the products for each season to create a new banner.

Store banner file dimensions and specs

1140 x 315 pixels at 72 dpi.

In Photoshop, I use “save for web”, select “as a jpeg” with settings of “very high” “optimized”, a quality of “80” and blur of “0”, convert to sRGB.

I take screenshots of my products and edit them in Photoshop, giving them a shadow and placing them on a “mock up” background. You can purchase holiday product mock ups on Creative Market, Etsy, as well as find free mock up templates by doing a Google search. You can also use the great free mock up tool from a fellow Zazzler. Check it out here.

Below is the banner, which is presently up on my Zazzle store.

Get ready for the holidays by updating your Zazzle store banner

Update your Zazzle store banner with each buying season to showcase your most appropriate products for sale. Shown is the updated banner for November 2016 on my Zazzle store www.zazzle.com/monogramgallery

Tip #2: Make Holiday Collections with Your Zazzle Products

Zazzle collections are a great way to showcase your products in your store, provide cross promotion opportunities on Zazzle and promote your products on social media like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Below I will cover the basics you need to know to create your collections to get ready for the holidays on Zazzle. For more details about Zazzle collections, you can read my article “How to Make Money Using Zazzle Collections.


The Collection Dimensions

Collection Banner = 1140 x 315 pixels at 72 dpi

Dimensions of Collection Cover Image = 324 x 324 pixels at 72 dpi

You can save these images as jpeg files and use the “save for the web” option.


You can make collections on Zazzle using:

  1. groupings of similar products (like holiday photo cards)
  2. matching sets (like coordinating products to match a holiday photo card such as postage stamps, stickers, return address labels, and printed envelopes)


See below for examples to both my “2016 Holiday Photo Cards” Collection and “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” Collection.

Get ready for the holidays by showcasing your beautiful Holiday Photo Cards for sale in a Zazzle Collection

Get ready for the holidays by showcasing your beautiful Holiday Photo Cards for sale in a Zazzle Collection.


Cross promote your Zazzle products by showcasing coordinating products in a collection, which customers can purchase.

Cross promote your Zazzle products by showcasing coordinating products in a collection, which customers can purchase. Here I show the matching postage stamp, sticker and return address label for the holiday photo card.


Benefits of Making Collections

If you click on my “Believe | Magic of Christmas Holiday Photo Card” and scroll down, you will see that there is a section which states “FOUND IN COLLECTION”.  (see image below) If my product was not in a collection, only the “OTHER DESIGNS YOU MIGHT LIKE” section would be there.

Promotion on Zazzle of matching items and similar products are just some of the benefits of a Zazzle Collection for getting ready for the holidays.

Promotion on Zazzle of matching items and similar products are just some of the benefits of a Zazzle Collection.

You can see that customers could easily be distracted and taken to another product, which is not yours. It is therefore a benefit to you to place your products in collections to give you a chance to showcase your products next to others on Zazzle. You can do this by offering additional options within your store of similar products OR matching sets so that customers do not have to search your store before finding what they need.


Tip #3: Organize Your Store Categories and Media

If you have store categories and media files with products which are more popular during the holidays, then you should move these so that the customer sees these FIRST on your store home page. This allows customers to access their desired products faster and gives you more chance of customers buying your products. I have done this on my store’s home page (see below). If you don’t know how to do this, it is a simple “drag and drop” task for both the store categories and the media files.

This image shows how on your store "home" page, you can showcase your holiday store categories and media files at the top so your customers can easily access the products they want.

On your store “home” page, showcase your holiday store categories and media files at the top so your customers can easily access the products they want.


Tip #4: Organize Your Zazzle Home Page

You can use your Zazzle home page to help customers narrow in on their product search. You can do this by how you choose to set the homepage layout. Go into your “store settings” and the into “advanced settings”. There you will find the option to rearrange what is shown on your store home page.

If you have many of your matching holiday card sets in collections, you may want to have “collections” as the first section a customer sees. With categories geared towards the holidays, choose your “categories” as your first section shown. When the key products you want to feature are in a “Featured Category” or a “Specific Collection”, then choose those options.

I have set my store up with my store categories  as first, then my collections, followed by a featured category. (See image below).


You have to remember that if a customer comes to your store, you want to keep them “on your store” to find a product. The time you have to do that before they leave is SECONDS! You have to make sure you make it effortless for your customer to continue clicking to find what they want.

Tip #5: Update Your Store Category Icons

If your store icon images have products with dates showing, make sure that they read 2016. You don’t want to have a customer see an image on a store category with last year’s date. They may assume you don’t have items for 2016.

One never knows exactly what a customer will do while on your store, but you should never give them a reason to leave without buying. Make sure a misleading store category icon is not a reason they left.


What you learned in this article:

5 Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays on your Zazzle Store:

  1. Update your store banner with a holiday theme to entice customers to explore your store
  2. Make collections with your holiday products for both promotion and exposure on Zazzle, as well as through social media
  3. Organize your store categories and media to provide easy access to your holiday products
  4. Set your store homepage to showcase your holiday products first
  5. Update outdated store category icon images



  • Christine

    November 16, 2016

    You always offer great advise, however, I haven’t had 1 sale or show of interest since I set up my store, so I don’t feel motivated to spend time implementing your new tips. Competition is huge.


  • Jody Kurtz

    November 16, 2016

    Hi Elke,

    Me and my husband recently started a Zazzle store and we have found your advice and insight to be extremely helpful. Although we have not made any sales yet (we’ve only been up about 3 months), we have had views. As, we just finished posting our Christmas items, this particular blog is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your secrets!

    All the best,

  • admin


    November 16, 2016

    Hi Christine, I am sorry to hear that you don’t feel motivated.

    Yes, there is a lot of competition, but every day I see products from new stores, which were recently published, be showcased on Zazzle and sell.

    There are many factors which can be contributing to why you are not seeing sales. Maybe we can address some of them privately.

    Also, my tips do not take long to implement and make your store look professional. The main thing is to be “ready” for when customers do find your products and want to make a connection with the designer. At that point, you will be presenting a professional image, which they can connect with, and possibly tell their friends about. It only takes a few people to buy your products and love them before they will tell others, and sales start to multiply.

    I have said it before, Zazzle is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a website, which you as a designer, you can use to take advantage of the Zazzle’s huge international customer reach, awesome platform, great products, amazing sales and marketing, high quality product production and customer service, in order for you to sell your designs. Zazzle takes 80 to 90% of the usual burdens of starting a business off your plate so you can focus on building your designs and brand. It is an amazing opportunity.

    Whether you were starting on Zazzle or anywhere else, there will always be competition. It is how you let that competition affect your actions that makes the difference in your success.

    It took almost a whole year, back in 2007, for me to see any significant sales on Zazzle. I tried many different approaches and niches.

    But, I didn’t have anyone to tell me what worked for them to make sales. People were friendly on the forum, but I did not receive advice like “what to do to get more sales” like I am providing.

    I will contact you privately and we can talk about your situation to see if I can help. Elke

  • admin


    November 16, 2016

    Jody. You are most welcome.

  • Derek

    November 16, 2016

    Dear Elke, You offer extremely good advice for making progress on Zazzle – and discovering you was a fantastic stroke of luck ! There is just one thing I would like you to consider please :
    I notice your blog post pages are locked – meaning it is not possible to download the page and keep it for future reference – which is a pity because your posts contain quite a few technical details which are not easy to remember – then one has to go digging through piles of emails to get back to them to check everything. Would you consider making your pages more accessible by “unlocking” them ? It would be much appreciated, thanks. Other than that, you really are leading the way in showing how to use social media to get noticed. One thing I’ve realized is that you simply cannot rely on Zazzle to do your promotion for you. Your own spectacular achievements are surely a result of having a highly methodical, scientific approach to social media promotion. It was not lost on me that your are also a scientist ! A big thank you for everything you are doing !

  • admin


    November 16, 2016

    Hi Derek. Thank you for your comments. The pages are locked because this is my copyrighted information and is not for redistribution or downloading. If you like what I wrote, then you can come back to my website http://www.elkeclarke.com to check out the article again. It is quite easy to navigate my site. It seems much more difficult to dig through your emails. Best of luck.

  • Dwight Pretulac

    November 25, 2016

    Hello Elke,

    Thank you for the great advice. Your the inspiration that got me started on Zazzle.

    My store is StyleEnvee, and I have about 600 products, I started the store in August and so far I have had 8 sales with a grand total of $13.47.

    I find that many of my designs that are high quality don’t even show up in the product searches, even though I have added the proper tags. There is just so much saturation, that it makes it difficult to have your product found. But having said that I realize that there is a formula used to get products to the top, so I just must be patient and carry on creating.

    I do have another website and I can say that getting traffic is incredibly difficult, with the big online stores making it difficult to get noticed. And of course there is the SEO challenge. That is the good thing about Zazzle they have the built in traffic. But I feel that Zazzle must do more to get recognized, I mention the site to friends and they haven’t heard of it. Why doesn’t Zazzle do television ads like Amazon? Just a thought.

    This week I’m trying a 5 day pin promotion on Pinterest, on a small budget. Hopefully this will help.

    Thank you again.


  • admin


    November 27, 2016

    Hi Dwight
    Thank you for your comment. Out of your 562 products showing in your store, many are products with the same design on them. That is OK but it just means that you don’t have that much variety yet in terms of covering other design niches.

    As you indicated the tags are good.

    I don’t agree with you when you say your products can’t be found in searches. I actually looked at how your nice t-shirt “South Cali Chiefs Vintage Motorcycle Classic T-Shirt” ranked based on the tags you used. This shirt is you 3rd most popular product in your store.

    The shirt turned up 7th for the “vintage” tag, 6th for “cool”, 2nd for “Cafe”& “classic”, and 1st for “motorcycle classic” and “motorcycle”. So you are well positioned in the Zazzle Marketplace for that product. So your product is definitely showing in product searches.

    If it is not giving you the sales you want then you need to consider whether the niche that the design represents a high demand niche at this point in time for customers. Maybe it was popular 5 years ago, but is not now. Who knows, maybe you know more since your area is vintage. But I would use my sales data to make that decision since your rankings are good for that item.

    In my upcoming beginners course, “7 Days to Success with Elke Clarke”, I show how I research and determine current popular niches, so I can design for them. One can only do so much to get a product seen, but after that, if the interest is not there from customers, you can not expect sales.

    Secondly, I noticed your website does not have the same name as your Zazzle store, yet you use the same store banner on both but with different names. Since you have the external site as a link in your Zazzle store under your profile, You obviously want them to be connected. As a customer I would be confused about your “Brand”. Also your Twitter user name matches your external website but not your Zazzle store. If you are trying to create a brand and reputation external to Zazzle and then bring customers to Zazzle to buy your products, you should definitely be consistent with your branding so people are not confused.

    Your external website is professional and enticing so you have done a great job of building “look”.

    However, you don’t explain to customers that they will be taken off the site and end up on Zazzle to purchase “Your products”. You probably are loosing referrals and sales because customers may have issues with the process of going from one site to Zazzle. People need to know what is happening before the transfer happens so that they have trust in your external website. Since the naming is different it adds another level of confusion to the customer.

    You are certainly doing a lot of things right, so keep up the great work. But consider my thoughts. I am not responsible for the outcome of any changes you make based on my comments, but just know that I have run into this myself with my external sites and older products which just did not sell. It is definitely advice coming from past experience, but only you can decide what you would like to do with my suggestions.

    My other main suggestion is that you do not feel that the competition is too large. Why do you think 4 different gas station companies are always at one intersection, with one on each corner? Because that is where customers will buy gas.

    Competition means demand and so therefore for us ProDesigners it means opportunity.

    We just need to keep creating until one of our products is picked up and starts the momentum of sales!


  • Dwight Pretulac

    November 28, 2016

    Hello Elke,

    Thank you so much for your assessment. Your advice is really appreciated.

    I started my external website a little over a year ago. When I created my Zazzle shop (August 2016) I didn’t think I could use my external site name because of their rules. So I’m stuck with the 2 different names but I will make a connection banner in my sidebar of my external website to try to clear up the confusion and better join the two. I used the same header to try to show a link between the two shops but your right.

    When I first started my Zazzle shop I thought it was cool to be able to use one design on multiple products, but now I realize that like you say it degrades the overall quality of the shopping experience. So I will delete many of these products to make my customer experience a better one.

    I’m starting to see a definite increase in sales starting at the start of Nov/16 one product sale a week. Then starting last Thursday it started one sale a day, now today it is two so far. Heck maybe by the middle of January 2017 I will get my first royalty check.

    I will keep plugging away creating on both shops. On my external site I have to post regularly to keep the bots coming. Many of my older products on my Wild Burro website are not up to standard so I must delete and refresh my products.

    Thanks again,


  • admin


    November 29, 2016

    Glad to hear your sales are increasing. Delete products only if they have no views or don’t fit with what you are trying to sell. Older products with the same design might still be relevant. I was referring more to your need to maybe diversify with your designs to pull in a wider set or customers. Elke

  • Dwight Pretulac

    November 29, 2016

    HI Elke,

    Yes all of the deleted designs had zero views. I duplicate designs on apparel still as customers seem reluctant to do the customizing themselves. Four sales yesterday, zero today. What is helping with my sales is that the Leggings maker is doing a third party referral on my Balmoral Taran design. That has sold 4 times in November.
    take care, thanks,
    ps, you will see that on my external shop, that I have tried to connect my Zazzle shop better, thx, :^ )

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