Twitter Google Partnership – Do You Twiggle?

The Twitter Google Partnership Provides Google With Searches of Live Tweets.

On Wednesday, February 4th, Google and Twitter announced a new partnership that provides real-time searching of Tweets. Twitter will provide its firehose of data – generated by Twitter’s 248 million users – to Google, and Google will immediately index it. The torrent of information coming through Twitter will influence Google’s site ranking, so affiliate marketers should be aware of this, and implement strategies to capitalize on it.

As the tweets will show up in Google search results, you do not have to be subscribed to a specific Twitter feed in order to see the tweets.

Google has long recognized the importance of social media in its site rankings, but struggled in the initial implementation. The first foray was to assign higher authority rankings to sites with a Google+ presence.

Boy with surfboard asking about Twiggle

Hey Dude – where’s my Twiggle?

Google+ was never able to achieve to the influence of its arch-rival, FaceBook, and in August 2014,  Google quietly and systematically removed Google+ from its search ranking algorithms. Whether Google ultimately drops Google+ as a social media remains to be seen, but Google+’s influence in search result rankings is clearly finished.

From Twitter’s and Google’s perspectives, this partnership can be seen as Win-Win, as this fulfills Google’s needs to utilize social media in its site rankings, and perhaps provides a boost to the slowing growth of Twitter users by introducing a higher degree of relevance to tweets.

Do you Twiggle?

How are you going to use the Twitter and Google  – let’s call it Twiggle – partnership to your advantage? The rules are clearly changing, and social media is becoming more important than ever as a component of your business strategy.

How powerful can Twitter be? What would happen if one of your tweets went mega-viral?

Consider the current pressing question of the day, known as DressGate.

What color is this dress?

The Dress in DressGate

#TheDress in DressGate

Celebrities from around the world (Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber to name a few) are weighing in with their opinions.

You can vote for White and Gold by using #whiteandgold, or you can vote Black and Blue by using #blackandblue.

To illustrate the power of Twitter in this particular instances, re-tweets peaked at 300 per minute on Thursday, February 26th, 2015.

Where in the world is DressGate being tweeted?

Where in the world is DressGate being tweeted?


The designer, Roman Originals, let everyone know they could answer the color question by purchasing their own #thedress.

#thedress from Roman Originals

#thedress is available from Roman Originals

I can imagine that Roman Originals has been very thankful for the exposure that they have received!

What does this mean for Affiliate Marketers?

  1. Sometime within the first half of 2015, tweets will be posted real-time. Currently there is a time-delay between when a tweet is posted,and when it is discoverable on Google.
  2. Just because Google is indexing tweets does not necessarily mean that your tweets will be shown in search results – as always, content is critical. If your tweet says “Use Product A for that natural glow,” it will not show for searches around “skin care” or “lotion.” Use the 140 characters available to you in Twitter to develop a complete and unambiguous message. If not, it will never have a hope of seeing the light of day.
  3. Use your tweets as landing pages to direct customers to your products. A meaningful Call To Action is critical.

Take Home Messages

  • The search and social media environments are integrating at a furious pace, and the landscape is continuously shifting.
  • It is more important than ever to have an integrated and comprehensive social-media strategy in order for your business to flourish. An integrated commercial/social strategy is critical to success – even more so than in the past.
  • As with my previous posting concerning Pinterest stripping affiliate codes, keep on top of the situation. Google’s business is dependent upon providing the right information to the right person at the right time. As Google has shown in the past, it is not adverse to changing its algorithms if it feels that here are those who are gaming the system. Expect changes to the algorithms – they will come.
  • This is not a temporary trend or fad. While the dance partners may change over time- perhaps FaceBook and Google become friendly over time and leave Twitter at the altar – the implication is clear. Social standing (however that ends up being defined) is important to and will be integrated within search rankings.
  • Be prepared if demand for your product explodes! It happened to Roman Originals, and might happen to you.

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