Time Freedom is One of the Great Gifts of Zazzle

Do you wish you had more time freedom? Are you trying to balance working at your day job, getting all your holiday shopping done, preparing for the upcoming holidays and be with family and friends during this festive season? Since Jen and I earn our passive income from Zazzle, we have been able to take…

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Sell Back to School Items On Zazzle to Earn Money

Sell Back to School Items on Zazzle to Earn Money Article by Elke Clarke Top Earner on Zazzle

Now is the time to post back to school items in your Zazzle store if you want to make money online. School may be the furthest thing from your mind right now as you enjoy your summer holidays. But marketers are already preparing for September, and you should too. Make sure your back to school Zazzle…

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Sell Edible Wedding Favors and Make Money on Zazzle

Sell Edible Wedding Favors and Make Money on Zazzle Article by Elke Clarke, Top Zazzle Earner, Zazzle Diamond Prodesigner

Customizable edible wedding favors and treats are a popular trend for wedding receptions. You can make money on Zazzle by selling cake pops, brownies, cookies, drink mixes and chocolate boxes. Post these edible items for sale in your store with your unique designs on them. The average wedding has about a 100 guests.  Ten dozen…

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Triple Your Zazzle Earnings with Custom Orders

Triple Your Zazzle Earnings with Custom Orders Article by Elke Clarke

Triple your Zazzle earnings by offering to do custom orders. Once a customer has found and likes one of your products, don’t lose a sale because you don’t have a particular color or product type or even design that the customer wants. By providing customers with the option to contact you by email from the…

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