Sell Back to School Items On Zazzle to Earn Money

Sell Back to School Items on Zazzle to Earn Money Article by Elke Clarke Top Earner on Zazzle

Now is the time to post back to school items in your Zazzle store if you want to make money online. School may be the furthest thing from your mind right now as you enjoy your summer holidays. But marketers are already preparing for September, and you should too. Make sure your back to school Zazzle products are available NOW to be found in Google searches and used in Zazzle marketing promotions. Spend a few hours on your laptop by the pool and create back to school products in your Zazzle store, so you will see sales in September! Keep reading, to get my 10 design tips and learn what back to school products to post for sale in your Zazzle store to earn money.

Sell Back to School Items On Zazzle to Earn Money

Sell Back to School Items on Zazzle to Earn Money Article by Elke Clarke Top Zazzle Earner

Sell Back to School Items on Zazzle to Earn Money Article by Elke Clarke Top Zazzle Earner

Zazzle is no longer just a t-shirt company. Instead, Zazzle offers you as the designer and seller, a huge inventory of unique products to sell in your Zazzle store. Take this opportunity to increase your product  line to include new items and different designs. The designs you add to your products will be the reason your items sell. Do your research and then post products for sale that provide what is in demand for the back to school season. Check out the my design tips below and download the free checklist.


Design Tip #1: Use Customization Templates to Clinch the Sale

Add designs which can be customized with people’s names or initials, or photos. Make sure you have set the templates up correctly so that a customer can easily add their name, monogram or own photo from any device.

If a customer gets frustrated because they don’t know how to add their information, you will loose the sale.

Design Tip #2: Research Popular Design Trends to Ensure Sales

Use Google searches, Pinterest and Instagram to find trends in popular design and color styles for the upcoming school season. What color combinations are popular? What pattern styles are in vogue? Is glitter and foil in or out this season? If you are not sure, design a few products with each current popular trend to cover a wider market.

Even if you post back to school products for sale, like backpacks, but do not add a popular design in the right colors, you will not make any sales.

Design Tip #3: Make Matching Products to Earn More Money from One Customer

People love matching items. If they want to buy your backpack with a flower pattern, they can also buy the matching lunch box, pencil case, pencils, notebooks and binders! Imagine the difference in your earnings, if you sold 10 items to one customer rather than just 1 item.

Make sure you add these products to a collection so that a customer can easily find your matching products.

Design Tip #4: Create a Store Category for your Back to School Products

Create a category for your back to school products and add an image icon to the category so that it shows up in your storefront. You want people to find your back to school products easily when they come to your Zazzle store.

Design Tip #5: Posting for Sale – Choose The Correct Zazzle Category

If your products can not be found by customers, they will not sell, even if your design is amazing!  So place the product in the right Zazzle Category when posting your product for sale

On the “Post Product for Sale”


“Categories / Events and Occasions (Select)”


“Other” / “Everyday Events”  / “School Events”

Design Tip #6: Posting for Sale – Choose the Correct Recipient

For the “Recipients” you have more options based on what the product and design are actually for. So be specific on some or general on other products to cover a wide range of possible customers based on the nature of your design. Below are some examples of possible options. Use the ones that best suit your designs.


“Recipient (Select)”

Choose Options such as….

“For Kids” / “Any Child” or “Boy” or “Girl” or “Teen Girl or “Teen Boy”

“For Them” / “Children”

“For Anyone” / “For Teacher”

Design Tip #7: Make Products for Teachers and Dorm Rooms

Don’t forget to think beyond products for back to school kids. Remember to design products for teachers and school volunteers. You can make gifts that parents and kids can give their favorite teachers and volunteers. Also, teachers and volunteers will  want to buy things for themselves!

Design home decor items for college dorm rooms! Posters with motivational sayings, bedsheets, pillows, bath sets, shower curtains, bath mats and more!!! Zazzle has all of these products for you to design on. So increase your product inventory.

Design Tip #8: Make Product Types Being Promoted on the Zazzle “Back to School Page”

With all those product choices, what products should you start with to make for back to school? The best way to know what will be popular and promoted by Zazzle is to go to the Zazzle back to school landing page (click on this link)

This landing page contains a wealth of information that you can use to learn what product types to focus on.

To start, post the following product types for sale in your store: backpacks, binders, note books, water bottles, pencils, pens, pencil cases, clip boards, stickers, Post-it notes and rulers. Then broaden your inventory with clothing and home decor.

Design Tip #9: Promote Official Product from Colleges, Sororities and Fraternities to Affiliate Income

The logos and names and colors of colleges, sororities and fraternities are all copyrighted, so you can not make products for sale in your store. You can however promote these items on your external website and social media accounts, like Pinterest, Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter.

Log into your external social media account. While being logged in on your Zazzle account, find a product or collection you want to promote. Then use the Zazzle promotion buttons for each social media option to post it.

Your Zazzle referral code is already attached but if you want to add a tracking code then add “&tc= whatweveryouwanthere” to the end of the link. You can add the date and some information to help you figure out what worked to earn the referral. It can be as long as you want but stick to “numbers” and “letters” and “no spaces”.

Design Tip #10: Promote Officially Licensed Products and Earn Referral Income

Do you want to make 15% referral income just by promoting top selling world wide brands like Disney, Sesame Street, Dr. Suess, Nickelodeon, Marvel Comics, DC Comics? Promote products from popular movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars 3, Captain Underpants, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,  Trolls, Beauty and The Beast and Guardians of the Galaxy. Click on this link to get the complete list.

Promote back to school products with super heroes like Suicide Squad, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Marvel Comics, Deadpool, Transformers, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, Outlander, Orphan Black and so many more!!! You can find awesome super hero products to promote through this link.

Download your free checklist here

What You Have Learned:

  1. Back to School products can be a lucrative opportunity to make money online with Zazzle
  2. The time to post back to school products for sale is now in July
  3. Elke Clarke, top earner on Zazzle (Diamond ProDesigner) has provided you with 10 design tips to help you make money online selling back to school items on Zazzle
  4. You can earn royalty income selling Zazzle products
  5. Earn 15% promoting Zazzle products with logos and names of popular colleges, sororities and fraternities.
  6. Take advantage of Zazzle’s partnership with famous world wide brands to earn referral (affiliate income) promoting products from popular movies,  TV shows, comics and more.



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What types of products have you made for back to school? Were these tips helpful?

I would love to hear from you.

Write your comments below.


  • Marian Cates

    July 12, 2017

    Very interesting post. Do you think that, to be successful on Zazzle, you need to design products for every category? If not, what categories yield the most success?

  • Ava

    July 12, 2017

    I made some back to school postcards that can customized with a teacher message welcoming students, announce a back to school event, or used as a reminder for a field trip. My entire zazzle store is designed around school. I have already purchased 7 days to success and love the tips I learned from the program but struggle with increasing traffic to my store. Pinterest is my main source of promotion. I am not sure if my school themed niche is too narrow of a focus. I mostly design products for educators but plan to increase my product line by adding things for students.

  • Elke Clarke

    Elke Clarke

    July 12, 2017

    Hi Ava,
    Thanks for sharing! It is definitely great to widen your niche, especially if your topic is specific such as yours. I would recommend increasing your product line by adding designs for students or even gifts for teachers and students. Is Pinterest working well for you? There are other social media platforms that you can use such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and your own website that you can use to direct traffic to your store.
    Thanks for your comment,

  • Elke Clarke

    Elke Clarke

    July 12, 2017

    Hi Marian,
    I recommend to have a substantial amount of evergreen and seasonal products within a wide range of topics. Seasonal and evergreen products are necessary to be successful year round on Zazzle.

    Thanks for your comment,

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