How to Profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle

How to Profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle

Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle are two of the most active sales days of the year. To maximize your profit from sales on Zazzle on these 2 days, implement the tips outlined in this article.

How to Profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle

How to Profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle

Learn tips to maximize your earning potential on Zazzle for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two busiest online shopping days of the year.

In this article we will cover good keyword usage for maximum search ability, as well as popular Zazzle product types and what designs are trending for the 2016 holiday season.

Online Sales Figures for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2015

Black Friday Online Sales

Adobe Digital Index calculated that shoppers spent $2.74 billion online on Black Friday in 2015. That is an increase of 14.3 percent over 2014. There were $905 million in mobile sales, representing 33.2 percent of all sales compared with 27 percent in 2014.

Cyber Monday Online Sales

Adobe reported that $3.07 billion was spent online on Cyber Monday in 2015, a 16 percent increase over 2014, with 26 percent of sales = $799 million originating from mobile devices.

That is a combined total of $5.81 billion in online sales for 2015 in 2 days!

The total online sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined is expected to increase significantly to over $6 billion in 2016.

How can we make sure our Zazzle stores and product offerings are ready for maximum profit for these 2 days?

Add the Right Keywords to your Products’ Titles and Tags for Maximum Search Ability

Good titles and tags on your Zazzle products are the key to customers finding what you have to offer for sale. Your customers are using “key words” to find “your images” of products. The only way this will happen is if you have great descriptive words in all the search fields attached to your products.

Here are some guidelines for good title and tags:

1. Be descriptive and specific in your title.

For example, “Vintage Painting of Santa Claus on Sleigh Ornament” is better than “Santa Claus Ornament”.

2. Use your 10 power tags optimally.

The first 10 tags on a product are “power tags”, which will be used in a Zazzle marketplace search. You can add up to 40 tags, which would be used in an external search such as via Google, but if you are specific enough, 10 to 15 tags are more than enough tags.

Good use of the 10 Power Tags: More than two or more words per tag is a more descriptive option and increases the number of keywords that you can add to the Zazzle “power tags” (the first 10).

santa+claus, merry+christmas, santa’s+sleigh, vintage, art, xmas, seasonal, christmas, holiday, unique+gift 

Poor use of the 10 Power Tags:

santa, claus, merry, christmas, santa’s, sleigh, vintage, art, xmas, seasonal 

Tip # 1:


To profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle, make sure your titles are descriptive and specific.

Use multiple word tags to maximize power tag usage and be found in more specific searches.


Do not make your Zazzle user name or your name a power tag unless you have a specific purpose for doing so.

How to Fix Poor Titles and Tags on a Zazzle Product

Let’s look at this example below. It is a beautiful photo of a multicolored rose placed on a ceramic ornament for sale.

Unfortunately, this product will not be found easily because the title is a combination of a word and date. This probably means something to the artist who took the photo but nothing to a customer looking for such a gorgeous image.



A better title would be “Elegant Turquoise Pink Purple Rose Art Photo Ceramic Ornament”. This provides the customer with a much clearer idea of what the product is. It is a photo, it is elegant, the colors are stated, and it is artful.

One issue with the existing tags for this ornament is that the artist has added the Zazzle user name and the artist name in the first 10 power tags. Unless the artist is well known, customers are not going to be searching for the person’s name or user name. Two power tags have thus been “wasted”. You can certainly add these tags after the 10 power tags but not in the first 10 unless there is another reason.

Also, of concern are the “metal, metallic, glossy” tags which have been used. The ceramic ornament is not metallic, nor glossy, thus possibly giving a false impression to the customer of what the product is.

A better option for the tags would be to add “photo”, “elegant”, “art”  and the colors. These tags are more true descriptors of the actual design on the ornament.

How to write good titles and tags becomes easier when you look at it through the eyes of a customer trying to find your product design using only text without being able to see the image.

Tip #2:

Describe your product with specific descriptive words to allow customers to find your great designs.

Popular Mobile Keyword Search Terms for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Google recently published trends of mobile online shoppers  from 2015 to provide retailers with tips to effectively reach shoppers on mobile in this holiday season.

The top keyword search words and the increase over the previous year include:

  • Mobile keyword search for  “unique gifts” grew more than 65 percent over last year.,
  • Mobile searches related to “cool gifts” grew 80 percent.
  • The mobile search term using “best gift” grew 70 percent year over year


There was some discussion after I published this article about using tags with the word “gift”. Zazzle strips out the word gift. It is still in the feeds for external Internet searches. But to make sure that all 10 power tags are working towards having your products found on Zazzle AVOID using “unique gift” “cool gift” “best gift” in your first 10 power tags.


Tip # 3 :


To profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle, add “unique gifts” or “cool gift” or “inexpensive gift” tag words to your existing products and any new products you post, if they are applicable.


Do not “Keyword stuff” or over-optimize product titles by using synonyms or search query terms that do not match your product.

Do not add spam by adding “unique gifts” or “cool gift” or “inexpensive gift” to every product in your store.

Popular Zazzle Product Types and Designs for the 2016 Holiday Season

A recent Zazzle Chat on YouTube gave an overview of what product types and designs are important to focus on for the the 2016 holiday season. Obviously, the key holiday sales days would be Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I have summarized the main points from the Zazzle Chat below:

6 Popular Zazzle Product Types for the 2016 Holiday Season

  1. Sendable Items = Holiday Cards and Holiday Party Invitations with matching products like Postage Stamps, Return Address Labels, Stickers etc.
  2. Decorations = Holiday decorations such as Tree Skirts, Holiday Stockings, Ornaments, Snow Globes, Table Clothes, Napkins, Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Chocolates, Shortbread Cookies, Brownies etc
  3. Gift Items =  Mugs, Pillows, Blankets
  4. Hangable Items = Art , Photos and Typography on canvas, posters, wood panels etc.
  5. Wearable Items = All apparel
  6. Usable Items = iPhone 7 cases and android Samsung cases

Tip # 4 :

To profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle, if you don’t have any popular products mentioned above, consider making some in the next week or so. Then your products will  be visible in the Zazzle Marketplace in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle.

 Trending Design Styles for the 2016 Holiday Season

Here are the trending design styles:

  1. Unique one of a kind items i.e. designs which allow personalization like monograms and names
  2. Typography & hand lettered  words with Christmas, motivation or funny sayings
  3. Gemstones – rich colors, like rose gold, quartz, marble
  4. Floral patterns – but darker colors for fall and winter
  5. Vintage inspired – maps, signage and Santa Claus themed items
  6. Winter Wonderland = cute cartoon or hand drawn forest animals, or snow flakes, wreaths, berries and pine bows in silver and blue colors, as well as the traditional red and green

Tip # 5 :

To profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle, create awesome designs that will sell. Design what works for you and let your unique style come through. Focus your efforts on the popular design types summarized above.

Zazzle has millions of visitors to it’s site even on a normal day. Be ready for the high volume of traffic to profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle.

 What you learned in this article:

  1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the highest online sales days of the year. Make sure you are ready to profit from these days by having great designs on popular products with good titles and tags.
  2. Good titles and tags ensure a great product design will be found by customers who want to buy it.
  3. There is still time to post products for sale to profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Zazzle.


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