How A Positive Mindset Can Have an Effect on Your Zazzle Sales

How a Positive Mindset Can Have an Effect on Your Zazzle Sales with Gold ProDesigner Jennifer Clarke

Keeping a positive mindset when it comes to your work is a key factor in becoming successful on Zazzle. Think about your last bad day. And then think about all the effects it had on your work, social and family life. It has been proven that negative thoughts actually out-weigh and effect us more than positive thoughts. Understand this concept now! If you make a choice to be positive, you will be able to succeed in projects and achieve goals that you want to reach. Keep reading this article to find out how a positive mindset can increase your Zazzle sales.

How A Positive Mindset Can Have an Effect on Your Zazzle Sales

How a Positive Mindset Can Have an Effect on Your Zazzle Sales with Gold ProDesigner Jennifer Clarke

You might feel a little disappointed with your Zazzle sales this month. July and August can be a bit slow for sales on Zazzle. This might get you down, but remember it has to do with customer seasonal buying patterns and not your products or designs.

I know I have had some bad months and it is hard to keep positive when you see these low payout months. However, keeping positive in our lives is very important to our continued success.

Ways to Be in a Positive Mindset

Some people meditate. Others journal, writing down what they are grateful for daily. Daily exercise, being out in nature, socializing with positive friends and family, enjoying time with your pets, listening to good music or thinking of happy past experiences are all different ways people use to help to bring their minds into a state of positive energy to create positive outcomes in their lives.

Find the way that works for you.

When you have a positive mindset, it positively reflects in your work ethic and can greatly impact your Zazzle sales.

Keep a Positive Mindset For Better Productivity

When you are in a positive mood, you have more energy and more determination to get things done. You are excited to accomplish things.

A positive mindset definitely increases your Zazzle product production ability. When you feel energized, you are able to reach your production goals. Think about it. When you are in a negative mood, it is hard to even make one product. But feeling positive allows you to keep working for hours. You can come up with new design ideas and post many products for sale with ease.

Monitor your production levels. See how many products you can make when you are in a positive vs negative mood. You’ll be blown away by the difference! Consistent product production will have a positive effect on your Zazzle sales.

Keep a Positive Mindset For Better Creativity

This kind of goes hand in hand with productivity. Productivity may or may not include creativity. When you create matching products, or update old designs, there is no creativity involved.

However, when you want to create an amazing new design, it will be much easier and your design will be much better if you keep a positive mindset as you are working. As I said before, you have much more energy. You have the ambition to do research before hand. There is a drive to learn new graphic design techniques.

And when you get excited and have fun playing around and trying out new designs, nothing will stop you! You will be surprised at the level of design quality you come up with. These beautiful designs will then be more popular and have a positive effect on your Zazzle sales results.

Keep a Positive Mindset For Better Store Organization

Zazzle designers know that having a store isn’t all about production and creativity. You also need to keep your products organized. Customers appreciate a store that looks professional and well organized. Store maintenance includes creating collections, user friendly categories, updating graphics on banners and category icons and much more.

Keeping you store fresh and exciting for your customer takes effort, creativity and motivation. If you have a positive mindset, you will be able to complete the tasks of store maintenance and organization with enthusiasm and it will be reflected in how your store looks. A beautiful store can have a positive effect on your Zazzle sales.

Boost Your Mood By Reading the Reviews of Your Customers

It is always a moral booster to read the positive reviews of customers who bought your products. So check once in a while to see what people are saying about your designs.

The reviews are per store. Be sure to be logged in. Then once you are on your store homepage, across the top your will see several tabs, one of which will be “reviews”. Click on the tab and start reading. Most will be positive.

You might see a negative, which also is a bonus because feedback is always good. Negative feedback allows you to make changes to improve your chance of selling on Zazzle. But if it is something that you could not change, focus on the positive reviews and work on using these to boost your moral and excitement level.

Keeping a Positive Mindset for Upcoming Events/ Holidays

If you are in a design and production slump, think about upcoming events and holidays that you can create designs for. Throughout the year, there are ups and downs in your Zazzle sales depending on the month.

However you need to keep positive! Ask yourself “What can I design for the future?” There are going to be some big holiday sales events happening soon on Zazzle.

Think about designs you want to make for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are two days where customers go crazy shopping online for their holiday gifts! Start making designs for these sales days now.

When you look forward to an event with a positive mindset, you will create  designs with passion which will show and attract customers. Creating designs for popular events and occasions will have a positive effect on your Zazzle sales.

Non Holiday Niches Make Great Holiday Gifts

Many Zazzle store owners think that their niche stores don’t fit well with holidays and special occasions. However, think of even the most unique niches and ask yourself, does your customer shop for Christmas? Of course!

Niches like politics, gardening, knitting, sports, hobbies, art, photography, wine lovers, pets, causes like cancer research can all be great places to find unique gifts for your friends and family who have these interests.

Products do not have to have a Christmas theme or design on them in order to sell in the upcoming holidays . When you are in a positive mindset you can make the connections as to how non-holiday themed items can actually be big sellers during the November rush for Christmas gift giving.

Check out the our article on how you can profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday here.

So Why Is a Positive Mindset So Important?

As you can see, being positive has an effect in all aspects of Zazzle. It allows you to be incredibly productive. Being creative is much easier. Awesome popular designs seem to flow out of you, quickly and easily. Organization of your Zazzle store is less of a chore and seems like a cinch. Designing for the future is exciting.

When you are positive, your work ethic changes. You are excited to be productive and reach your Zazzle goals. When you put all these things together, it will have a positive effect on your Zazzle sales!

What did you learn in this article?

  • Negative thoughts effect us more than positive ones.
  • You need to concentrate on being positive to have a positive effect on your work ethic.
  • A positive mindset allows you to be more productive.
  • Creative juices flow much easier when in a positive mood.
  • Being positive allows you to keep your store organized and perform regular maintenance.
  • All aspects of being a designer on Zazzle are effected by being positive. You are able to design, produce and organize your Zazzle products and store with enthusiasm and energy.




Let me know if you have ever had a really negative or positive day and how it has effected your work ethic.

Have you ever realized when you are in a positive mood, you design/ work better?

What are your techniques for keeping positive?

I would love to hear from you.

Write your comments below.


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  • Lynne Sabean

    September 20, 2017

    When designing, I try to imagine the final end user browsing the Zazzle marketplace, finding my product, making it uniquely theirs, being excited to order it, being even happier to receive it, making it part of their daily life, and telling their friends about it. Focusing on continually improving the customer experience is key, as many of your recommendations suggest.

  • admin


    September 20, 2017

    Hi Lynne. That is a great way to create positive energy around the whole customer buying experience. Way to go!

  • Gabriele

    September 20, 2017

    Thank you for your article.
I opened my shop on zazzle 7. september this year – inspired from your blog I found by chance in the internet.
    My shop now has 800 products online.
10 days after starting I got a sale. But this was the only sale in the time frame of 6 and a half weeks – despite of regularly promoting.
    When I opened a store on Redbubble back in may I got immediately sales from day one on – even with only 10 products online. Constantly a few sales each week on Redbubble right from the start – with much less products online than on Zazzle.
    Over the years I sold on different market places – always with success, all organic sales without promotion.
Only Zazzle seems for me to be a complete waste of time.
    (My zRank on the german domain is 9.
I got this rank around a week after opening my shop.)

  • admin


    September 21, 2017

    Hi Gabriele. Congratulations on your sales on Redbubble. You obviously know what you are doing on Zazzle and in terms of putting things on POD sites. Congratulations on your zRank of 9 on Zazzle.

    However, I can see right away from your store that you have several issues stopping you from making sales on Zazzle.

    1. You are designing on the German domain i.e. rather than on the That means some of your titles are still in German on the site. Zazzle has a predominately US customer base. So you are loosing sales based on lack of being found properly.
    2. Your titles are not the best, first because some are in German and you are not describing items with specific keywords customers would use to search for your items.
    3. I can also see why you would sell on Redbubble more than on Zazzle because your designs are more on the artistic side. Zazzle does sell art but your products are also in unique niches which are not as popular on Zazzle.

    You should definitely be able to sell organically, but you need to tailor your designs to the specific platform you are on. Not all sites are going to give you the same results with the same designs.

    I hope that helps.

    You have some great work. Just research Zazzle a bit more to see what is trending and modify your designs accordingly.


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