Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion, at #SMMW15

Marcus Sheridan On The Importance of Using Content to Generate Endless Leads (and Explode Your Business!)

Marcus Sheridan- The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan- The Sales Lion on the prowl.

What can I possibly say about Marcus Sheridan – The Sales Lion –  that no one has ever said before?

How about this? He is a human TASER whose message and story electrifies everyone!

At Social Media Marketing World 15 (#SMMW15), The Sales Lion was roaring, and the herd was hungry.

For those amongst us who do not know Marcus, he has become the most famous “Pool Guy” in the world.

He positively transformed – through honesty, integrity and openness – a luxury business {River Pools and Spas} which was decimated by the recent recession.

How did he do it? By understanding that he needed to be the authority for all inquiries regarding his field.

He pivoted from his previous sales and marketing efforts, embraced In-Bound Marketing through HubSpot, and launched his career into a trajectory that he had he previously unimagined.

By focussing on web-content, he was able to re-deploy assets from traditional advertising to online content creation. Further, he closed his brick-and-mortar showrooms in favor of virtual stores.

Costs plummeted, and revenues soared!

He decided to become The Authority on pools: prospects have questions, and he was going to be the source for answers.

This simple insight lead to the revitalization of a multi-million dollar business!

Marcus Sheridan understood ZMT!

ZMT – Zero Moment of Truth

ZMT is the instant when the rubber hits the road.

It is decision time for your customers, and most of what will happen next has – unfortunately – already been-pre-determined.

70% of the buying decision has already been decided before a prospect arrives at ZMT.

ZMT can pop into “Drive” and accelerate to you for the sale – or, alternatively – the prospect can just as quickly throw the transmission into “Reverse” and fly to the nearest competitor.

ZMT is when the prospect is sufficiently comfortable with the “know, like and trust” mantra that he is willing to exchange his money for your products or services.

ZMT is when the transaction occurs – with you or your competitors.

What can you do so that the prospect selects you at ZMT?

Be honest – totally and transparently honest!

There are certain topics that your prospects will always research. Typically, these are:

  • Cost of your product.
  • Problems with your product (no product is perfect,they all have problems).
  • Your product versus a competitor’s.
  • A review of the alternative products.
  • What is the best product for your prospect’s needs?
  • If you are producing this content that addresses these questions, then Google (and your prospects) will love you!

Marcus wrote an article – an honest assessment of the competitors that he trusts, and that post gets 500,00 visitors per month! His content consistently ranks at the top of Google. (And has become pretty famous as a result).

We are in a battle for trust - win trust and win the battle Click To Tweet

If you can control the outcome of ZMT, then the you control the outcome of the sale – it is that simple.

Honest and transparent content is the greatest trust building tool Click To Tweet

How to Close a Sale Without “Selling”

Nobody wants to be sold to, but everybody wants to buy something that they want!

Most people instinctively push back against sales people, but we can’t wait to drive that new car, live in that new house, or show off our new jewelry.

Therein lies the eternal friction and dichotomy between the buyer and the seller.

What would happen to your sales efforts if you could instantly identify those prospects who wanted to buy from you – who truly wanted to give you their money?

Would you expend resources attempting to convert the non-committed or would you, with laser-like guidance, exclusively focus on those who are willing to embrace you unconditionally?

Through analytics, Marcus found out that he had an 80% (let’s spell that out – EIGHTY PERCENT) closing rate if the prospect had read 30 of his web pages. That was 5x the industry’s average.

So what did he do? He refused to visit a prospect until they had read at least 30 pages from his web site! Imagine that!

Telling a prospect that you will not visit them until THEY have done their homework? What an incredible concept!

How many of us have sufficient confidence in our products or services that we can make that kind of demand of our prospects?

Marcus’s talk was electrifying and jolted me into a new reality of how superb content and extensive pre-qualifying of prospects can dramatically revitalize and transform any business.

Take Home Messages

  • Stop talking about fluff – talk only about what matters to your prospect.
  • Your website should do only one thing – help your prospect rapidly and easily find the answer to their questions.
  • 70% of the buying decision is already made before the sales reps meets the prospective customer.
  • Become the authority in your field, by knowing the questions that your prospects are asking.
  • Your prospects will find the answers to their questions – let the source of their answers be you.
  • Meet prospects – on your terms – at the Zero Moment of Truth.
  • Provide valuable content to your customers and prospects, and your business will explode!

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