Make Holiday Photo Cards on Zazzle to Earn Online Income

Make Holiday Photo Cards on Zazzle to Earn Online Income Article by Elke Clarke, Top Zazzle Earner, Zazzle Diamond ProDesigner

Is August too early to start making Christmas holiday photo cards on Zazzle? No! In fact, you should be actively making all kinds of holiday items in the summer months. That way, the Zazzle merchandizing team has time to find and use your product designs for their upcoming holiday promotion campaigns. Do you want to profit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping days of the year? My answer is YES! I am sure your answer is YES too. One of the best sellers on Zazzle during the Christmas season are holiday photo cards. So get in on the action by designing and posting your unique holiday card designs in your Zazzle store. Keep reading this article to learn what you need to do to make and promote your holiday photo cards to generate online income.

Make Holiday Photo Cards on Zazzle to Earn Online Income

Make Holiday Photo Cards on Zazzle to Earn Online Income Article by Elke Clarke, Top Zazzle Earner, Zazzle Diamond ProDesigner

Make Holiday Photo Cards on Zazzle to Earn Online Income Article by Elke Clarke, Top Zazzle Earner, Zazzle Diamond ProDesigner

You are missing out on royalty sales if you do not have holiday themed products for sale in your Zazzle store. There are many different products you can design for the Christmas holiday season. Holiday photo cards are definitely a good choice to design along with the matching accessories. All of these can then be promoted on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, either separately or in a collection.


Please note THE DESIGNS AND PRODUCTS IN THIS ARTICLE ARE NOT SAMPLES. THEY ARE MY ORIGINAL DESIGNS AND CAN NOT BE COPIED! I am selling these in my Zazzle store. Abide by copyright law or you will be dealt with legally.

Create User Friendly Holiday Photo Cards on Zazzle

Below is a list of the key elements you need for a successful holiday photo card:

  • design on the 5″ x 7″ flat invitation card
  • have an interesting design on the front and back
  • make sure your templates for your photos and text work properly
  • choose trending color schemes, font styles and wording
  • Provide different options like 1 photo or 3 photos etc.

Check out my holiday photo card design below which I made to be for 1 photo and also for 3 photos.

Always give people the option for different photo configurations. This design above with one photo easily adapted to create a photo collage option (see below).


Sell Real Gold Foil and Silver Foil Holiday Photo Cards on Zazzle

Zazzle has introduced real gold foil and silver foil printing on folded cards just in time for the holidays. This awesome new option provides a whole new set of possibilities for designers, including foil holiday cards.

To start making these foil greeting cards, use this link on the Zazzle forum to get all the information.

There is also a Zazzle chat you can watch to give you even more insight on this new foil printing feature Zazzle has introduced.

Below in the image, I showcase my foil card I made using the same design as my flat holiday card. The foil cards are certainly a great addition to the Zazzle line up of products for people to send out their holiday greetings to family and friends.


Gold Foil Merry Christmas Script Holiday Photo Foil Card

Gold Foil Merry Christmas Script Holiday Photo Foil Card

Just be aware only the outside of the card is printed with foil. Also, you can not add a background color or other elements that do not print as gold or silver foil on the front and outside back of the card. However, the inside printing options are full color range for graphic elements and photos.

Create a Holiday Card without a Photo Option

Not everyone wants to send out a photo on their holiday cards. So make sure you also have a non-photo version of your awesome holiday photo card design. This is my version below.

Create matching products for your Holiday Photo Cards

Customers love matching or co-ordinating products. You can make address labels, stickers and postage stamps to match your holiday photo cards. It is a great way to earn more money from the same customer. Here are the matching items I made for my holiday photo card. Gold Merry Christmas Script Red Berries Holiday Label

Gold Merry Christmas Script Red Berries Holiday Label

by monogramgallery

Create a Zazzle Collection with your Holiday Photo Card Set

To help promote your products as a matching set place them in a collection. Add a title, description, tags, and banner to your collection in addition to your products you want to showcase.
Below is my Zazzle collection for my holiday photo card design.

Share your photo holiday cards on Social Media

Pin or post your Zazzle products or collections on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and your website to promote your new designs. Use the easy to use sharing options Zazzle provides shown right next to the product to collection. Read my other article which shows you how to share on social media in more detail via this link.

What did you learn in this article?

  • Make holiday photo cards in August to make money on Zazzle at Christmas.
  • Use the 5 x 7 inch flat card t create your holiday card designs.
  • Provide options to customers such as different photo placements and numbers and a non-photo holiday card design.
  • Offer gold foil and silver foil holiday photo cards for sale on greeting card stock.
  • Create matching products like address labels, stickers, postage and more.
  • Promote your holiday photo cards and matching products in a collection.



Are you excited about this new opportunity to earn royalty income on Zazzle by selling Christmas holiday photo cards and matching accessories?

Have you had a holiday card best-seller in the past?

Do you have any questions on how to make the foil cards?

I would love to hear from you.

Write your comments below.


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  • Shadaan

    August 9, 2017

    Hello Elke, a very nice and detailed article on photocards. I am also a zazzle designer so I just loved this idea. But can you please tell me how to get this gold color which you have used in this “Merry Christmas”. Also the font which you have used.

    Thanks so much for all your amazing tips

  • Farzana

    August 9, 2017

    Thanks Elke, you are an inspiration for me. I read all your blog posts.I have just started my journey with Zazzle and opened a store early this month. Thanks for the insights.

  • Robert Wahl

    August 9, 2017

    Farzana… I’ve been on Zazzle almost two years and was lost and overwhelmed. I had total earnings of $8.05 and was stuck there. I just threw up products that had no consistent theme, no rhyme, no reason, no nothin’…. that is, until I took Elke’s courses. I’m on much better footing now with Zazzle and how to tackle it than I ever was before. I hope to grow from here… thanks to Elke’s wonderful courses!

  • admin


    August 9, 2017

    Thank you, Robert, for your positive feedback on my Beginners Zazzle Course and my Advanced Zazzle Course. I am so happy that you now have a solid footing and plan to grow your Zazzle business.

  • admin


    August 10, 2017

    Hi Shadaan. Thanks for your positive feedback. I use Creative Market to purchase the rights to use fonts and gold color effects in my Zazzle designs. Hope that helps. Best. Elke

  • Robert Wahl

    August 10, 2017

    Elke… I wondered the same thing… where did you get your Gold? However, when you do use Creative Mkt. gold fonts, they have to be part of the design and can’t be a template. Right?

  • admin


    August 10, 2017

    Hi Robert. Yes You are correct.

  • karen

    August 11, 2017

    Hi Elke,

    Many thanks for your article, very helpful. I am now trying to find the blank envelope template on the site but it doesn’t seem to exist, could you point me in the right direction..?!
    Best wishes, Karen

  • admin


    August 15, 2017

    Hi Karen. If you don’t see the product as an option to start with a blank version on another country domain,go to (the US site)> I suggest making you products all on the dot com site anyway. Then what ever products each country domain sells, your dot com products will show up.

    Hope that helps

  • karen

    August 15, 2017

    Thanks Elke, that’s very helpful:) Karen

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