Invest in Yourself for Zazzle Success

Invest in Yourself for Zazzle Success by Elke Clarke Top Zazzle Earner

Now is the time to invest in yourself. Another year has come and gone, and you are getting ready to begin 2018 with a bang. You want your Zazzle business to be successful and your earnings to be at an all time high. So what action steps do you take? You need to invest in yourself. This past weekend my daughter, Jen, and I invested in ourselves by going to an online business conference. We wanted to share a little bit of our experiences with you and encourage you to find things you can do to invest in yourself too.

Invest in Yourself for Zazzle Success

Invest in Yourself for Zazzle Success by Elke Clarke Top Zazzle Earner

Invest in Yourself for Zazzle Success by Elke Clarke Top Zazzle Earner

Jen and I traveled to San Diego, California this past week to be a part of Amy Porterfield’s Entrepreneur Experience Conference. We were excited to take part of this annual event. People from all over the world came together to learn and network. Everyone at the conference had taken one (or many!) of Amy’s courses. The conference room was fully packed with 150 creative entrepreneurs who were driven to succeed. We were in awe with the guest speakers. Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, Rick Mulready and Devin Duncan all amazed us with their priceless wisdom. At the end of the conference Jen and I felt rejuvenated and inspired to take action and succeed with our business. We want you to do the same and invest in yourself.

Elke Clarke and Jen Clarke at the Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield

Elke Clarke and Jen Clarke at the Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield

Inspirational Figures

When you are in the presence of an inspirational person, your view on the path to your business success changes. This person can help influence your vision and direction your business takes. They make the impossible seem possible. This is what Jen and I felt when we listened to the guest speakers at the conference.

We were uplifted by the energy and wisdom of each speaker.  

We want you to do the same. Invest in yourself. Surround yourself with people who will inspire you and give you positive energy. When you surround yourself with people like this, you will be inspired to achieve your own greatness.

Jen Clarke and Elke Clarke with Amy Porterfield on Dec 2 2017

Jen Clarke and Elke Clarke with Amy Porterfield on Dec 2 2017

Panel of Experts, Rick Mulready, James Wedmore, Devin Duncan, Amy Porterfield

Panel of Experts: James Wedmore, Rick Mulready, Devin Duncan, Amy Porterfield

Less is More

One of the main lessons that we learned at the conference was that less is more.

When we first heard this, Jen and I both looked at each other and raised our eyebrows. We had been planning many projects for the year to come. We didn’t want to do less, we wanted to do more!

If we did more, in theory we would make more. Except this turns out not to be true. We learned that focusing on what you have and perfecting it, gives you more success.

If you spread yourself too thin, you will burnout. This made total sense to us!

You need to learn this lesson as well. Do not spread yourself too thin. Focus on what works for you and perfect it.

Focus on What You Love

We learned another big lesson. One that we knew from the beginning, but we never knew how important is was until now.

Focus on doing what you love.

When do what you love, it shows in your efforts. If you are passionate about something, it is reflected in all you do.

Learn from people outside your field of expertise

Learning from people outside of your field of expertise is something we have always done. So it was great to hear that these successful entrepreneurs also use this method as a way to stay at the top of their fields.

Examples include reading books, enjoying musicians or watching TV shows that have nothing to do with work, but then can be used in some way to improve or try something new in your own business. One speaker said they were impressed by how a musician marketed their latest album and was going to use this strategy in their marketing campaigns.

This can give you an advantage in your own business by doing something new and different.

Invest in yourself in 2018 by going to SMMW18

What can you do in 2018, to invest in yourself to improve your business?

Jen and I are going to invest in ourselves by attending the Social Media Marketing World 2018 Conference (SMMW18). I have gone in previous years and have benefited so much every time.

It is a place to meet people and learn the latest about social media and digital marketing. The top experts in Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Podcasting and so much more will be speaking.

There will also be many opportunities to network with these experts one on one.

We are so excited to be able to attend.

Invest in yourself and attend too if you can. Get out from behind your computer, meet people, learn the most cutting edge news and insights and use it in your Zazzle business to be successful.

Watch highlights from Social Media Marketing World.

See what prior attendees have to say about Social Media Marketing World.

There is a big sale on this week……

$400 off of the All-Access Ticket to Social Media Marketing World 2018.

Don’t miss out.

This sale runs one week only, from December 2nd – 8th.

It would be so awesome if we saw you there.



  • Patricia

    December 7, 2017

    Hi Elke,

    So glad you two enjoyed San Diego and that it was also a learning experience.

    Well, you had me hooked to attend the SMMW18. I was thinking it wouldn’t be for me, I’m an introvert. However, after watching Amy Porterfield, Peg Fitzpatrick, and AmySchmittauer all mention even introverts will enjoy it I wanted to attend.

    Unfortunately, (happens a lot) I’m attending a family gathering that very weekend. BUMMED!

    I’ll have to keep it in mind for 2019.


  • admin


    December 8, 2017

    Patricia. There is always next year. If you want there is also a virtual ticket so that you can receive the content without attending. Here is the link for the SMMW18 virtual ticket. It is also cheaper and you have until the ed of December 8th to get a discount of $290.

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