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Why Optin Forms Are A WordPress Essential

Bloom Email Opt-in forms by Elegant Themes

Bloom Email Optin Forms. Image Source – Elegant Themes

Are you looking for ways to increase the number of people on your email list?

Do you want to have a higher subscription conversion rate?

Seeking new ways to build influence and authority in your community?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, check out the new Bloom Email Optin Plug-In for WordPress from Elegant Themes.

 What Is Bloom, And Why Do I Need Optin Forms?

Elegant Themes is a leading developer of WordPress themes, and also a creator of WordPress Plug-ins. Their newest Plug-In is Bloom, and it allows you to customize Optin forms for your web site or blog.

Bloom allows you to take total control over Optin forms, deciding what they will look like, and when and where they will appear.

We are frequently told that the “Money is in the List”, and that one of the most important (and lucrative) functions of a web site is to capture and cultivate e-mail addresses of subscribers.

Some authoritative writers, such as Matthew Woodward, have even written that building your email subscription list should perhaps take precedence over SEO activities.

Getting people to your site is important, but converting them to your email list is critical.

Most customers do not purchase on their first visit to a website, and most visitors do not return (unless they find the content of the site to be extraordinary). By building the email list, you have the opportunity to create a relationship with your prospects and build trust over time with your community.

Only once that trust exists will customers purchase from you.

Further, your email list is one the few assets that you have control over.

Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, etc., etc., etc. can change their policies overnight, and dramatically impact the ways in which you interact with your community. They can change their rules, and you may have to rethink your entire marketing if you rely exclusively on them.

An email list is your asset forever, beyond the control or influence of third-party social media sites.


Would You Like To Increase Subscriber Conversion by 1400%?

At the blog, CrazyEgg, they reported a case where Nikki McGonigal – a food craft blogger – was able to increase her subscription opt-in rate from 0.4% to 5.5% (an increase of almost 1400%) by switching from side-bar forms to a lightbox pop-up. This is a remarkable increase in conversion, and not isolated: pop-up forms (in spite of what we may personally think of them) are effective in driving what is perhaps the key metric – subscription conversion.


 What Type of Optin Forms Does Bloom Use?

Bloom provides 6 out-of-the-box Optin forms to choose from:

  • Pop-up
  • Fly-In
  • Below The Post
  • Inline
  • Locked-Content {allows you to provide content only to existing subscribers}.
  • Widgets
Bloom allows you several options to present your form

Bloom allows you several options to present your form

Once you have chosen which form that you want to use, you have tremendous control over where and how it is presented.

You can choose to the have form presented on everything, or on specific

  • Pages
  • Media Type
  • Categories
  • Posts

Having the flexibility to present where the Optin will be seen is amazing!

You could, for example, present a coupon to people only when they visit a designated page, or blog post. Specific messages can be tailored to specific customer interacts. Personalization is a key-driver of the new user experience.

You can have different campaigns running simultaneously, each targeting a specific segment of blog!

 Bloom Provides You With A Variety Of Customizable Templates

With Bloom, you can customize your Optin form by modifying one of the pre-existing templates.  Build the form to your specifications, with the messaging, images and appearance that will resonate best with your community.

Many templates from Bloom

Bloom provides a wide range of templates to choose from

Easy Integration with Your Email Provider

Bloom integrates directly with the major email providers, such as Aweber or Mail Chimp. Through drop-down menus, simply select the provider and the email campaign that you want to have the form associated with.

Once someone opts in to your email list through the forms, they will be automatically added to any marketing campaigns that you have developed through your email provider.

Easy form integration with Bloom

Bloom allows easy form integration with leading Email Providers

See What’s Working With Informative Dashboard Analytics

Bloom’s informative Dashboard gives you a rapid overview of how each Optin form is performing. You can compare one campaign against another, and select the best to be pushed out to your blog.

The Bloom Dashboard - Image Source: Elegant Themes

The Bloom Dashboard – Image Source: Elegant Themes

 Test and Tweak: A/B Testing Made Easy

A/B testing of different message variants is a snap with Bloom. Simply select an existing optin form,and create a daughter form. Make some changes (CTA, Title, color of form, etc.) and let the testings begin!

Continuously test and tweak to your forms to optimize the email subscription conversion rate.

Increase Conversions with A/B Testing. Image Source - Elegant Themes

Increase Conversions with A/B Testing. Image Source – Elegant Themes

 Take Home Messages

  • Opt-In light boxes can dramatically increase subscription conversion rates.
  • You control the appearance – pop-up, inline, below the fold, or locked content.
  • Bloom provides a variety of templates from which to choose.
  • Easy integration with Email providers such as Aweber and Mail Chimp (amongst others).
  • You can decide where the pop-up is shown: designate specific media types, pages, posts or categories.
  • A Dashboard illustrates all of your campaign analytics. Compare the success of various campaigns.
  • Testing and Tweaking – the essence of A/B testing – is made easy.

Bloom – by Elegant Themes – is a powerful and versatile (but easy to use) tool that will increase (perhaps dramatically) your email subscription conversion rate.

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