Customers Praise About Mentorship and Learning Experiences With Elke Clarke

Customers Praise About Mentorship and Learning Experiences with Elke Clarke

I am very proud and excited to say that our second VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course, ’30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke’ started on September 5, 2017. The first one in July was a huge success. All of our members were extremely appreciative and thrilled with the mentorship and learning they experienced in the Advanced Course. It was amazing to see a group of people come together as a community and learn as a whole. I wanted to share some of the praise I received from the members on the value of my mentorship, what they learned and what their successes have been, so that you can get a glimpse of what the program could offer you!


Customers Praise About Mentorship and Learning Experiences with Elke Clarke

When I first thought about creating the Advanced Zazzle Course, one of my biggest goals was to develop a community of people who could benefit from my mentorship, coaching and my formula for success on Zazzle. It was my dream to gather together a group of like minded people who were eager to learn and excited to build their online Zazzle business. That is how the VIP Masterclass program became a reality. With the grand opening this July, we had an amazing turnout. Our members actively participated with great energy and enthusiasm in all the interactive options available to them in the course.

Throughout the first VIP Masterclass, I created meaningful relationships with my members. The feedback from the VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course members about my mentorship and what they learned was out of this world!

The positive response was encouraging for me because I knew that I was helping people in so many different ways to achieve their Zazzle goals. In this article, I share with you feedback from my VIP Masterclass members, who are now part of my continuous mentorship community.

It would be awesome to have you become part of this unique experience as well!


You do not need to have experience with Zazzle before taking my Advanced Zazzle Course. I teach you the absolute basics on how to start in my Beginners Zazzle Course which you receive for free. Many of my course members had never opened a store or had just recently heard of Zazzle before signing up for my Advanced Zazzle Course. Through my mentorship and teaching style, they learned everything they needed to know and are now seeing sales in less than a month.

Hearing beginners on Zazzle share stories of their first sales due to the help of my courses is amazing. If you are a beginner, it should not stop you from signing up for my Advanced Zazzle Course!

Here is what Diane Barstowe, who is brand new to Zazzle, had to say.

“I am new to Zazzle. I believe your courses have set me on a path to success, and I will be using more of the information as I progress.

I believe that both courses are an incredible value,
perhaps even a bargain.

I really can’t praise them enough.”Diane Barstow Custmer Feedback for the Advanced Course with Elke Clarke



The VIP Masterclass Advanced Course includes Zazzle designers with a wide range of experience and success. Some are beginners. Some are advanced. But everyone has greatly benefited from the mentorship and exchange of valuable insider tips which I provided during the VIP Masterclass. Some designers have been on Zazzle for years and have never gotten the hang of it until they took my course.

Hearing their feedback is so heartwarming. I wanted to share their stories with you. If you have been on Zazzle for a while and aren’t getting anywhere, my Advanced Zazzle Course is for you!

Here is what Robert Wahl, who has been on Zazzle since 2015, had to say.

“I’ve been on Zazzle almost two years and was lost and overwhelmed.

I had total earnings of $8.05 and was stuck there.
I just threw up products that had no consistent theme, no rhyme, no reason, no nothin’….

…that is, until I took Elke’s courses.

I’m on much better footing now with Zazzle
and how to tackle it than I ever was before
.… thanks to Elke’s wonderful courses!”Robert Whal Customer Feedback for the Advanced VIP Masterclass Course with Elke Clarke


While creating my course content,  I took my experiences, accomplishments and even failures and built them into the course. I show you my techniques on how I became successful on Zazzle.

My course content gives you the mentorship and the step-by-step formula that you need to see results in your Zazzle business.

I want to share some amazing feedback from my members on how they enjoyed my course.

Tammy Goforth, started Zazzle in May of 2016. This is what she had to say.

“Since I have begun the 30 Day Profit Plan, my store has taken off in an even more positive direction. Elke provides her students with instruction on indepth analysis. She tells which products to sell when, what sells the most, and how to find your own personal avatar and niche, and how to approach marketing our products.

It has expanded my horizons, as well as my confidence in becoming a true Zazzle success story, as I have begun to make even more sales.

Along with Elke’s weekly Facebook live sessions, I, as well as my fellow students of this program, have already learned so much about how Elke and her daughter, Jennifer, have become the Zazzle Pros that they are and how we can also be successful.

They hold a “question and answer” session where the members can ask any question they would like, and we all learn from each other.

The program is the best training of any sort that I have ever had. It is well organized, detailed and absolutely “do-able.”

Thank you, Elke, for all of your hard work in putting this program together and for making it worth every cent!”Tammy Goforth Customer Feedback for the Advanced Course with Elke Clarke



Many people have asked me the same question.

“It’s a big investment. How fast do I make my money back?”

I am here to tell you that many of my students make new sales of products they made in the course within the same month of starting the course.

Imagine what can happen once you put my step-by-step plan into place and let all the things you have implemented start working for your Zazzle business.

Here is what Brandon, a Zazzle Bronze ProDesigner, had to say…

“I made $177 US in my first month after completing the Beginners Course. It has paid for itself.

Now that I am taking the Advanced Zazzle Course. I am positive that I will recoup my purchase price for this course really soon too.”



I have received so many wonderful comments from my course members. They are extremely pleased with the course and all of the bonuses that it offers. I want to share some of the general feedback about the community we have created.

Do you want to be part of this interactive, intelligent and motivational group?

Here is what Debi Payne, a Zazzle ProDesigner, had to say.

“I am so blown away by the Advanced Zazzle Course!

When I got to the end of the last video in Module 4
there was a little tear in my eye.

I didn’t want it to end! 

I had learned so much!”Debie Payne Customer Feedback for the Advanced Course with Elke Clarke


When I started the course in July, I said that the Facebook group would end after the monthly VIP Masterclass session was over.

But after feedback from my July members, I realized they need support not just during the course BUT AFTERWARDS TOO.


I have committed to giving ongoing mentorship, year after year at NO EXTRA cost if you sign up now.

Subscriptions to private groups like this usually charge you a yearly membership fee.

Right now, this yearly membership is FREE if you sign up. I can not guarantee that this will always be a free bonus with my course.

In the future you might have to pay extra for this mentoring, but if you purchase the course now, you will always be part of this group for FREE.

Current members were super happy to hear of this change, because they will benefit so much from my continuous mentoring and access to our helpful and positive private Facebook group.

Here is what “Art Inspired”, a Zazzle Silver ProDesigner, wrote as soon as she found out.

“This is a wonderful Private VIP Masterclass Facebook Group for continued education, development and growth.

Having this supportive community is a benefit to everyone’s development as we continue on our road to success.”Art Inspired Customer Feedback for the Advanced Course with Elke Clarke


The summer has come to an end. The September Advanced Zazzle Course VIP Masterclass has started. BUT THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENROLL.

Take action and be part of this amazing experience to improve your Zazzle store and increase your earnings.

Enrollment is open all the time now, however, if you take part in the September VIP Masterclass you will benefit the most and be ready for the the Christmas holiday rush of sales on Zazzle

Young and old, are going back to school or doing something to learn and improve themselves.

Now it is time to invest in yourself.

So take action!

Enroll in my Advanced Zazzle Course!


Get your Zazzle store(s) performing better for you.

Click here to read all the details about my Advanced Zazzle Course.


Or if you are ready to enroll today click on this link to receive my step-by-step formula for success AND continued mentoring from me, a Zazzle Diamond ProDesigner as soon as you complete the payment.

I would love to have you as part of my private VIP Masterclass community.


Click Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course called 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke

Click Here to Enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course called 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke


Can’t afford the full price?

Do you want access to the course right away?

Use our payment plan option. Pay 6 payments of $197 US on your credit card.

Click on the link below to be taken to the 6 payment plan check-out option.

Click here to be taken to the 6 payment plan checkout page to enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course the 30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke

Click here to be taken to the 6 payment plan checkout page to enroll in the Advanced Zazzle Course “30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke”


  • We have created a tight knit community with our VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course. You can be a part of this community too!
  • You can be a beginner or an advanced Zazzle designer. You do not need experience to take a part of the courses!
  • Members love the special bonuses that comes with the VIP Masterclass Advanced Course. You too can take part of these bonuses too!


Click this link to start learning about how you can make money by promoting and selling Elke Clarke’s courses on “How to make money on Zazzle”.

Click here to apply to enroll in the Clarke Courses Inc Affiliate Program to start earning money online today.

Click here to apply to enroll in the Clarke Courses Inc Affiliate Program to start earning money online today.


I would love to hear from you.

What do you think about the testimonials and feedback from course members?

What do you think of all the newest features and bonuses for the Advanced Zazzle Course?

Do you have any questions about the course or these new features and bonuses?

Post your comment below


Thanks for reading my article.




*LIFETIME = It is the intention of Clarke Courses Inc. to continue to update the courses and provide the ongoing mentorship via the Facebook group and Q & A’s as mentioned above. However, if in the future there is a need to close the course and not continue with it’s mentoring bonuses for whatever reason, it is at the sole discretion of Clarke Courses Inc. to make the decision to do so.

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