How to Create a YouTube Channel and More For Your Zazzle Promotion

How to Create a YouTube Channel and More For Your Zazzle Promotion by Elke and Jen Clarke, Top Zazzle Earners

Did you know that it is very easy to create a YouTube Channel to promote your Zazzle products? Social media is quickly becoming more focused on video and creating personal relationships with your audiences. The purpose is to engage and entertain your viewers. YouTube is the best social media video platform to use right now to promote your Zazzle products and do just this. By creating video content that showcases your Zazzle products, you have more possibilities of turning your viewers into potential customers. Are you ready to get started? This article and video tutorial will show you step by step how to set up a YouTube channel and more!

How to Create a YouTube Channel and More For Your Zazzle Promotion by Elke and Jen Clarke, Top Zazzle Earners

How to Create a YouTube Channel and More For Your Zazzle Promotion by Elke and Jen Clarke, Top Zazzle Earners

How to Create a YouTube Channel and More For Your Zazzle Promotion

Setting up a YouTube channel is extremely easy. Uploading your first video is a piece of cake. And you can start right now! This amazing social media platform will open up new promotional opportunities for your Zazzle products. Did you ever imagine that you could entertain or educate your viewers within your particular niche? Now you can! You think you are not ‘tech-savvy’? Is YouTube a mystery to you? Do not worry! You will learn a lot from this article and video tutorial with our guest speaker, Adam Shaw. His YouTube channel is Bravura Media Company and his Zazzle store is called Alley Cat Shirts. After you watch the tutorial below, listen to the interview we did with Adam on how to use YouTube promotion to make money on Zazzle.

In this video tutorial Adam will show you how to easily create a YouTube channel, upload your first video, verify your account and create custom thumbnails for your videos.


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Setting Your Channel Name, Banner and Icon

Branding yourself on YouTube is very important. Make sure that your channel name, banner and icon on YouTube are consistent with your Zazzle store. You want your viewers to make the connection between your channel and your Zazzle products. By being branding your channel accordingly, you will create a  professional environment on YouTube for your customers.

Descriptions and Contact Information

Describing your YouTube channel and adding your contact information is as important as your branding. You want your viewers to know what your channel is about and how they can contact you for your services. Add your store links to your description as well.

Video Content

Viewers engage with content that is educational, inspiring or entertaining. Do not let this scare you! You are a designer and creator and are an authority in your niche. You can easily educate or entertain your audience with your creative abilities. Introduce yourself. Do a time lapse video of your creative processes. Introduce them to your work space. Focus more on creating a relationship while promoting your Zazzle products with your audience rather than trying too hard to sell to them. Your viewers will appreciate getting to know the ‘real’ you.

Tags, Titles and Thumbnails

Adding the right keywords to your videos is very important when dealing with SEO. YouTube is a massive search engine. Tag and name your video with correct wording to attract the most viewers. Upload an attractive thumbnail for your video to entice viewers as well. Remember; people like visually appealing images and will more likely click on them.

What Zazzle Products to Promote

You can create a video for any topic or product that you wish. If you have created a new collection, make a video about what inspired you to do this. Make a video about trends for 2018. Create a video showcasing your top selling products. There are so many possibilities. The key is content. Get your videos uploaded so that your viewers can watch them. If you are too particular with your content, you will get stuck. Once you start making videos, you will become more comfortable with your topics and products you promote. Practice makes perfect!


What have you learned in this article?

    • Making a YouTube channel and uploading your videos is easy. Download the instruction sheet to help you

Click Here to Get the YouTube Channel Instructions

  • YouTube promotion is a great way to build your niche authority and promote your Zazzle store and products
  • Branding is very important. Be consistent with you store on Zazzle
  • Videos are a great medium to engage with people to provide information and build trust with your customer
  • Create relationships with your viewers by engaging them with your video content
  • Use subtle ways to market your Zazzle store and products within your videos for best success
  • Add your contact information in your video descriptions and on your channel page




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