#ASW15 Day 3 John Chow, Spago’s and Elton John

#ASW15: Affiliate Marketing Summit West 2015 – Day 3

Where, but at the Affiliate Marketing Summit in Las Vegas, could you experience John Chow, Spago’s and Elton John all in one day?

Chad Hymas, during the previous day’s Affiliate Marketing Summit’s keynote address, challenged us to move out of our comfort zones and to connect and network. Put down the cell phone, stop checking emails (or looking at videos of dancing cats), and reach out to those around you. {Check #ASW15 for Tweets}.

Take advantage of the opportunities that will always present themselves to try something new. This was the advice from a remarkable man who, although a quadriplegic, is still able to travel the world by himself, drive his own car, ski and hang-glide. He obviously is not willing to put limitations on his life – how can I put any on mine?

So – the idea was to do something far outside of our comfort zone, while at the same time keeping in the spirit of networking. Some a bit outrageous, but not too crazy (one can go quite crazy in Vegas!).

Just before breakfast, inspiration came to me – my objective for the day was to interview John Chow. John is one of the true leaders in the field of blogging,  and specializes in teaching people how to make money on the internet. He also regularly writes about tech gadgets, cars and fine dining. When I told Elke that I was going to interview John about his favorite restaurants in Vegas, she thought that I was a bit nuts.

We went to breakfast, and about 30 seconds after we sat down, John walked right beside our table on his way to the buffet table. What are the chances of this happening when there are 6000 people attending the conference? I asked John if he would agree to an interview, and he obliged.

John very graciously shared his thoughts on some of his favorite local restaurants in Vegas, and fondly remembered a meal at Spago’s in Caesar’s Palace that included truffles ahed personally by the Executive Chief, and additionally recommended Joel Robuchon’s at the MGM Grand Hotel. According to John – a word of caution: Joel Robuchon’s is typically booked a year in advance.

The conference was not all work, as we are fortunate to get tickets to several extraordinary shows.

Later that night, on our way to see Elton John at Caesar’s Palace (row 15 – fantastic seats for an incredible show), we came across Spago’s. Unfortunately, it was quite packed, and we dined next door at Trevi’s. However, next time we are in Vegas, we will definitely get to Spago’s, or maybe even Joel Robuchon’s!

Elton John at Caesar's Palace - January 20, 2015

Elton John at Caesar’s Palace – January 20, 2015

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