#ASW15 Day 2 Chad Hymas Inspires and Challenges

#ASW15: Affiliate Marketing Summit West 2015 – Day 2

Five hundred or so people sat in the Ballroom at the Paris Hotel, waiting for the Keynote Speaker to arrive on stage. Many (or in fact, most) in the audience were enraptured with their mobiles – emailing, texting, surfing, or in some other way completely zoned-out from their surroundings.

Chad Hymas's Book Cover for "Doing What Must Be Done"

Chad Hymas – Doing What Must be Done

Slowly, but with confidence and authority, Chad Hymas wheeled into view, using his crippled hands to navigate his wheelchair across the stage. For you see, Chad Hymas is quadriplegic, and was at Affiliate Marketing Summit to exhort us to live our lives to their fullest.

The first challenge he threw out to us was to turn off our cell-phones and to focus on what is actually important. Astonishingly, there were some who ignored his call-to-action and continued to be absorbed by their own trivialities.

Over the course of the next 45 minutes, Chad shared his powerful story of a man whose goals and ambitions were to be a good husband to his beautiful wife, a good father to his two young sons, and a farmer who cared for and attended to his livestock: 600 elk and 43 horses.

All was going to plan, when – in an instant – an accident with his tractor transformed him from a robust young adult, to one permanently confined to a wheelchair. His body was crushed – literally by 2800 pounds of hay – but his spirit survived. His hands were crippled in the accident, and now are but clenched fists – he told us this saddened him most, as he could never hold the hands of the woman he loved again.

I cannot begin to imagine how I would cope should the same fate befall me.

After his accident, Chad’s father – seemingly already a huge influence in Chad’s life, assumed an even greater role in helping his broken son on his journey forward.

When Chad would say, “But I can’t”, his father told him to stop thinking about himself, and to think only of others.

Consider for just a second how powerful that thought is. We, most probably with fewer limitations that Chad, convince ourselves that we can’t do something. By flipping the frame of reference 180 degrees – and by focusing exclusively on the needs of others – we are empowered by the knowledge that only I can give them what they need, and I must find a way to do it!

Chad re-taught himself how to shave and brush his teeth using double-sided duct tape on his fists. He dresses himself and buttons his shirts without the use of fingers. He flies over 300,000 miles per year – on his own – delivering his remarkable motivational story. He drives a specially adapted car, goes skiing with his family and has even tried hang-gliding – although he said he would never do that again!

So here is the burning question – if a man in a wheelchair, crippled and paralyzed from the shoulders down can do all this, what is stopping you from achieving your dreams and potential?

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