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Hi, I am Elke Clarke, a top ranked Zazzle Diamond ProDesigner. I am proof that you can consistently make an annual six figure income online through a print on demand company called Zazzle. I have sold over $8 million worth of my designs on Zazzle and I have earned over $850,000 US to date (as of November 2016). I learned how to make money on Zazzle and now I want to inspire others.

I am living my dream of doing what I love while running a location independent online business and earning a passive income.

Since 2007, I have learned a great deal on what it takes to be successful on Zazzle and now I want to share that knowledge with you. Here on ElkeClarke, I will talk about my journey, my failures and lessons learned along the way, my AH-HA moments and things I did to capitalize on my insights to achieve success.

I want to inspire you to take your first step to create your online business through Zazzle. Learn from my failures, AH-HA moments and success to begin to make your dream a reality and take action.

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Download Your Free Copy of my e-book ’10 Insider Tips on How to Make Money on Zazzle’

My Journey

I may be an online entrepreneur now, but I haven’t always been one. Here is a bit of my background on how I became one of the top ProDesigners on Zazzle, and why I am now putting my energy and passion into reaching my goal to inspire millions.

My Success on Zazzle:

from 29 cents to a 6 figure annual income

It is hard to believe, but earning 29 cents as my first royalty through Zazzle changed the direction of my life!

A single sale that netted me 29 cents in royalties was the catalyst that I needed to give me the faith, courage, desire and drive to follow my dreams to build my own successful online business.

Through Zazzle, a print-on-demand company located in Redwood City, California, I have sold over $8 million worth of my designs on Zazzle and I have earned over $850,000 US to date (as of November 2016). I am living my dream of doing what I love while running a location independent business and earning a 6 figure annual passive income.

So why Zazzle? How does it work? This is my story.

Benefits of selling through Zazzle - location independent business opportunity, generating a passive income with low entry cost

Benefits of selling through Zazzle – location independent business opportunity, generating a passive income with low entry cost


I wanted time to spend with my kids and earn money doing what I loved!

Several years ago, I was at a cross-road in my life – I had a career in the pharmaceutical industry that was challenging and rewarding, but I also had a young family that I wanted to spend more time with. While I was advancing in my career, I was also missing out on attending my children’s dance recitals, karate practices and school plays.

My life was becoming an never-ending whirlwind of getting kids ready for school and daycare, going to meetings or traveling for work, rushing to pick the kids up from daycare, eating dinner with my family, getting kids ready for bed and school the next day, putting in some more time on company work and ultimately slumping into bed exhausted. As they say, “Wash, Rinse and Repeat”.

This is, unfortunately, the day-to-day existence of most modern families. Too many responsibilities and too little quality time.

I needed to find a new direction for my life, one that would allow me to set my own working hours, be able to work from anywhere there was internet access and still earn a decent income.

My Business Objective:

Design Once, Earn Forever

Although my university degrees were in science, I also loved being creative. I was an avid photographer and had some commercial success with my abstract paintings. I had always wanted to make money using my creativity, so I took a leap of faith. I quit my job and began building my online art business.

I showcased my paintings through online art gallery sites such as Yessy.com, Absolutearts.com and the SaatchiGallery.com and sold my art to customers all over the world.

But I was in a “make once, sell once” business. I could have tried to sell professional prints of my art work, but there was a substantial up-front cost in having high end limited edition prints manufactured.

I wanted to be in a “design once, earn forever” business with little to no inventory costs.

I had recently found an online site called Zazzle, because they were promoting artists through their ARTSPROJEKT, initiative. I discovered that Zazzle was also a “print on demand” company, where anyone could start a store for free, upload their designs onto products and earn royalties if they sold.

Zazzle would take care of the marketing, sales, production, order fulfillment, billing and customer service.

Wow! Zazzle was a perfect solution for me.

I make a virtual inventory on Zazzle, have no costs except for my internet and personal time, and receive a monthly payment for my royalties earned.

So I created my first Zazzle Store. I made my first Zazzle product using a picture of 2 polar bears – a button about Global Warming. Three days later, I sold one button and made a 29 cent royalty!

My First Sale On Zazzle My First Sale On Zazzle - I made 29 cents royalty on a button and still earn money 8 years later

My First Sale On Zazzle – I made 29 cents royalty on a button

Make money online with Zazzle!

I was hooked on Zazzle!

If I could make $1 (or in this case, 29 cents), I could make more money! Even though this button was geared to a small niche market, I still sell these buttons every so often.

So far this button has provided me with royalty earnings of $43.89 since April 2007.

Since that day in 2007, I have built my business on Zazzle to the point where I consistently make a six figure annual passive online income from selling products with my my designs on them.

I had found my “design once, earn forever” solution.

My Zazzle Earnings from 2007 to 2016

My Zazzle Earnings from 2007 to 2016. I earned a yearly 6 figure income for the past 5 years, even while taking a break for the past 18 months.

My steady growth in earnings took time and effort

My purpose is to show you that with hard work and time I built a viable online business through Zazzle. As you can see from my yearly earnings, it took me a few years to catch on to what worked and what didn’t to achieve the level of income I desired.

This is a business opportunity which requires time and effort even though it is a passive income source. I want to make it clear that the rewards are many but it requires work and is not an easy, get rich quick scheme.

As you can see from the above graph, I made nothing in my first year, and it took me three years before I made over $50,000. I now have the expertise on Zazzle to consistently earn a 6 figure annual income online.

For the past 5 years, I have earned over $100,000 annually, with 2015 being my best year ever (earning over $175,000 US).

I have learned a great deal on how to make money on Zazzle. Now I would like to share that knowledge with you.


Do You Want to Make Money on Zazzle?

The steps that I took allowed me to create my successful online business on Zazzle. My passive income, location independent business gives me the flexibility to spend all the quality time I want with my family and do what I love.

It has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

Let me help you – if you are ready – to see if Zazzle is an opportunity for you.

Since I posted my first product for sale on Zazzle, I have made over $850,000 by selling more than $8 Million of my designs through their web site (as of November 2016). I have been awarded Zazzle’s Diamond ProDesigner status, and now make an annual 6 figure income – all from earnings through Zazzle.

Now, I want to share my Insider Tips with you, on how to make money online with Zazzle.

If you are interested in earning recurring, location independent passive income and would like to learn more about Zazzle, please download my free e-book: 10 Insider Tips on How to Make Money on Zazzle by Elke Clarke.

10 Insider Tips On How To Make Money Online with Zazzle


Zazzle Diamond ProSeller, Elke Clarke, shares some of her inside tips on how to make money on Zazzle. Download Your Free Copy of her e-book ’10 Insider Tips on How to Make Money on Zazzle’

My Online Courses:

“7 Steps to Success with Elke Clarke: A Beginners Course on How to Make Money on Zazzle”



Now open for enrollment in 2017 with updated videos for the new product design tool.




I have created a unique step-by-step video course for beginners called

“7 Steps to Success with Elke Clarke : A Beginners Course on How to Make Money on Zazzle”.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Posted 25 Different Popular Products for Sale in Your Zazzle Store
  • Made Products with 5 Different Design Types
  • Learned how to Identify Popular Trending Niches
  • Determined Best Selling Product Types and Designs
  • Used Good Titles and Tags
  • Completed 10 Zazzle Collections
  • Set up a Pinterest Account and Shared 20 Items on Pinterest
  • Completed 100% of Your Store and Profile Requirements
  • Achieved a zRANK score of 4 (= Good)
  • Created Video and Photo Media
  • Completed All the Steps Zazzle Asks of You, so that you have a professional looking store and profile
  • Be Prepared to Continue to Build Your Store and Product Line, knowing how to do it right
  • Know How Identify What Products to Make, to have the best chance of selling
  • Know How to Set Up Your Product with Your Designs, to have the most customer appeal
  • Been Motivated by My Story and my Zazzle Earnings
  • Set Long-range plans to achieve your Zazzle Earnings Goals

I am so excited to present this course to you. It helps you implement all the key components you need to get set up for success on Zazzle and teaches you about designs, market niches and popular products, search ability and promotion.


THE ADVANCED ZAZZLE COURSE on How to Make Money on Zazzle.

The first ever VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course Program in July was a huge success!

It was the first time I offered access to the Advanced Zazzle Course “30 Day Profit Plan with Elke Clarke” with my step-by-step formula for success on Zazzle. You receive the exact roadmap and tools I use to manage and improve my Zazzle business. It is how I consistently make a 6 figure income on Zazzle. And now you can have my step-by-step formula too.

But there is MORE!

The VIP Masterclass Program is an unique experience! You receive a month long intensive coaching and mentoring by me, Elke Clarke, a top earner on Zazzle (Diamond Zazzle ProDesigner).

The July course members loved the VIP Masterclass so much, that I decided to add some amazing EXTRA FEATURES and NEW BONUSES just in time for the September VIP Masterclass session. Check out all the details and benefits to you about the extra bonuses here at this link in the blog post I wrote.

For more information about the Advanced Zazzle course click on this link.

Let me be your mentor to help you on your Zazzle journey to success.



Thank you for all of you who have sent in comments and suggestions. 

I would love to continue to receive your input on what you would want to learn to be successful on Zazzle.




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